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  1. OK, that only happens when in the Spotlight Workspace. In Classic or Standard, it'll double click until my twitching fingers are content. The Resource Browser also looks different in the Spotlight workspace. Is this just, go read the %@! manual? ;-)
  2. Nope, 2d symbol insertion tool chosen, double clicking doesn't work to chose a symbol. Double clicking will also not open folders within the resource browser.
  3. Help. Let me acknowledge that I've searched first and didn't find it, so I come to you, oh learned users... Why can't I make a symbol in the resource browser active by double clicking on it? I can make it active by right clicking on it and choosing "Make Active" which as you might imagine kinda slows down the fun of drafting. But no dice on double clicking. I tried re-setting the double click speed of the mouse, but nuttin'. VW Spotlight 11.0.1, imac 17" flat screen 1ghz, osx 10.2.8, macally icemouse. There's got to be something exceptionally simple I'm missing and I confer the right to taunt me mercilessly after you help me fix it. Please.
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