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  1. I believe that if you hold down shift (on PC) and then click and drag, the first object clicked on will stay put. Jason
  2. VW8.5.1 on W2k: This has happened before, and somewhat sporadically: I cannot insert any new doors. If I go to the pallette and click the door button, it creates new, blank Records, but does not actually switch to the Insert Door command. Furthermore, if I duplicate a wall with a door in it (to drag that door into my blank wall), the wall duplicates without the door in it (!). If I drag a door out of a wall, duplicate _it_, and then drag it into the blank wall, the door stays in place (floating in space), but becomes part of the wall; as in, when I select it (sitting 5' from the wall), the wall selects as well. But the Position button on the Info pallette acts as a dummy. The Flip button causes VW to crash. On a blank document, I can create a door normally. This document is large (20M) and over a year old. In the past, I've successfully created new doors using the methods outlined above; the program is being unusually intransigient today. Please help (and soon!). Jason
  3. No, that's not it; indeed, I checked other programs, and it's just VW that has this problem. I'll call the #.
  4. Apologies if this is in Architect, but Oh! how I wish that I didn't have to venture up to the font menu for each change to a piece of text (font, then size, then alignment). The ability to "eyedrop" text attributes would also be welcome (or would even be an alternate). Also, have the lines appearing above and below windows & doors on sections been hidden yet? ------------------ Jason
  5. Using 8.5.1 on W2k; the Object Info palette (& others) is in some font I don't recognise, and the information up on the Data Bar (X & Y coordinates, &c.) is in Albertus. My overall windows setup uses neither of these, and the VW Menu headings are in Arial (as with all my programs). This also happened on W98; I fired up VW one day, and the fonts were goofy (but not this bad; the Info Palette is almost illegible) ------------------ Jason
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