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  1. Hello, I'm new here on the Forum. I just got off the phone with sales at Vectorworks. My question is ? I'm on a 27" iMac running Catalina Ver 10.15.6 and Vectorworks SP 2020. I also run Vectorworks SP on my MacBook Pro. I will need to upgrade Big Sur when it comes out. Will Vectorworks SP 2020 continue to work / function after upgrading my Mac OS ? And will it continue to function ? Thank You
  2. Yes, I have noticed this also. I usually got through and delete accessories and then re-do them, then export again. This has fixed the problem, but it is a pain. Is it a BUG in VW or LW ?
  3. Looking for a MAC 700 Profile Symbol for top view, hanging head down from a lighting position. Thanks
  4. Not sure what kind of output you are looking for. I use and HP DesignJet 110Plus with Roll Feed. Its a 24" wide format printer. It is fast and generates great plots. Have not had any issues on the MAC OS. John
  5. Looking fro symbols of band gear / Equipment. Drums, guitars, keyboards, etc. Anyone have some or know where I can find them. thanks
  6. I have looked everywhere for symbols for Color Kinetics products to no avail. I saw a previous post that suggested "Soft Symbols" but that got me no where. These are fixtures which are becoming the norn in several projects and would be great to have the symbols. Any help would be appreciated John
  7. I highly recommend using LightWright for generating paperwork. It is totally flexible and interfaces directly with VW. John
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