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    Is there a VW function equivalent to AutoCad's X-Reference?
  2. some of my files cause VW to unexpectedly quit, losing unsaved work, on the print command. the print dialogue box appears with options that are incorrect for the corresponding printer and then when i click ok to print the program closes. is there an easy solution to this problem? thanks...
  3. please can someone advise me how to convert connected lines (arcs and straight) to a polygon so the area inside can be hatched. the 'convert to polygons' command doesn't work in this way, it changes the arcs to polylines.
  4. please can someone advise me how to convert connected lines (arcs and straight) to a polygon so the area inside can be hatched. the 'convert to polygons' command doesn't work in this way, it changes the arcs to ploylines.
  5. i'm using a mac mouse and having the same problems... would love a solution!
  6. i have inserted 2d tree symbols from the ozcad library into design layers but cannot view these in sheet layers, i have the correct layers enabled in the viewports and all the linework from these layers is visible, is there a setting that i need to change? also is it possible to sacle 2d symbols in a design layer? to get a smaller version of a tree i have had to bring the symbol in on a different scaled layer.
  7. how can i get a nurbs surface to render as a solid? i tried dragging a texture on to it from the resources but it says that the surface is not an appropriate object.
  8. thanks Katie, i didn't know about the scrolling between vertices with the arrow buttons... that solved my problem for about ten points and now it won't move any more points (but it will move the position of the ones that i have already changed). i can't move any points on the other surface that i have either, have i selected something that may not let me edit positions at all?
  9. i have made a nurbs surface and am trying to move the vertices one at a time but every time i select one and change the height the same one vertex in the corner moves and not the one i have selected... i can't work out why, does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Shani

    site model

    update: i thought maybe VW only allows one site model per project so i made the whole site with the berms as part of it... but when i did the create site model the program added some extra lines joining the 2 berms into one hill. what is giong on?
  11. thanks but i don't think that's gonna happen!
  12. Does anyone know of any Vectorworks training courses in Australia, or more specifically in South Australia?
  13. Shani

    site model

    The buliding I am working on is partially covered on two sides by earth berms and I'm using the site model command to create these. The first berm worked fine, but the second one isn't happeneing - whenever i click go the program creates an exact copy of the first berm again. I have moved things around to different layers so that the new info is the only stuff on the source layer and even tried deleting the first berm and contour data altogether but it still does the same thing. I tried copy and pasting the second berm contours into a new file which created the new berm ok but when i went to paste it into the original file it came in as the first berm! i made sure i select new site model in the properties box (not update existing model) and i don't know what else to do. Also, whe it's done will i be able to subtract a solid from the site model?
  14. At least I'm not alone... so do I just need to adjust the heights of the walls manually? (this is my first project on VW).
  15. I am desperately trying to use the fit walls to roof command but the walls always are coming up too tall and not even fit properly (the angles are off). The roofs I've been trying with are skillion roof faces, but I aslo want to fit other walls to a roof which is a curved 3d extrusion - will this work? Thanks
  16. I have made a 3d solid by using the sweep command, but when I trim the solid it distorts. The same distortion occurs when I do a subtract solid - it looks like my object is covered by a tent! What is happening?
  17. hi, can i insert a door into a window wall? thanks
  18. Hi, I want to have my dimension class in a sheet layer, but this means that the dimension tool measures the design layer drawing in 1:1 scale. is there a way around this? thanks.
  19. Shani

    curved roof

    i need to make a curved roof, is there an obvious way that i'm missing or how can i do it?
  20. Is there any hatching libraries available... and/or an easy way to make new hatches?
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