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  1. Hi Pat, Thanks for your fast response. None of us in the office have any python experience. Do you know if there is anyone we could pay to do this for us? It is quite a steep learning curve for the people in our office, and it would be more time efficient if we could pay someone to make it for us. Thanks again.
  2. I am trying to create an object which essentially works exactly like the existing tree tool from the landmark module. We want to be able to create an editable symbol-like object which contains 4 circles and a tree name, which the diameter and the text can be edited through the OIP. See attached for marionette script. I was advised to try going down the marionette route, and I was able to create an object which acted like what we needed. However there are some downfalls: 1. The object is not editable through the OIP which is what we would need to make it worthwhile. 2. If we had a file with 300 trees, that would be a lot of pieces of script floating around in model space. I came on the forum and found out about red symbols, which looks like it will function exactly as we need it to. But not sure if this is the correct path to go down, or if there is another way to do what I need. I'm not sure where to go from here or how to get to this end goal, am I on the right track? Will it be possible to do what I need using the techniques above? Does anyone know how to create an object like this? Thanks in advance
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