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  1. I had it crashing without a trace also. It seemed to start after the last Windows update. I updated my video drivers (Nvidia) and that seems to have stopped the crashing.
  2. I finally got back to looking at this and came up with a work around that worked for me. It may not be the best way, but it worked. I isolated my door ID class and deleted all of the tags after where I was inserting my new door. I set the ID tool to auto increment and just went through and re-tagged the doors. All of the door info was retrieved from the existing door record and the door number was updated to the new correct number. It's not as easy as the Autocad renumber tool, but it just took a few clicks on each door. It didn't take very long to change and now I won't have people search for a door that is out of sequence. Steve
  3. As usually happens, I have tagged all of my doors and now someone wants to add a door. Is there an easy way to have all of the door IDs after the new door increase by one? For example, the new door "X" is placed between doors 55 and 56. Door "X" becomes 56 and door 56 becomes 57 and so on. The same would go for Room numbers. I know someone will want to add or delete a room eventually Thanks.


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