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  1. Is there a way to have autosave give a file extension other than .mcd? We set VW to save to a separate folder. After the files are backed up each night, I don't need all of those backup files. Autocad's saved files have a .bak extension. I was able to schedule a batch file to run nightly to delete anything with a .bak extension to get the clutter off the server. Is there a way to do that with VW, or any suggestions. Thanks, Steve
  2. I usually just click on the very first object to get the jump out of the way. I agree that it is a pain to scroll way down a list just to jump back to the top again.
  3. I think this, or something similar that I experienced, was a bug in 12.5. I have not had it happen since applying the 12.5.1 update.
  4. I've been looking for this a long time. Unfortunately this appears to only work on a Mac. I get it to work on a G5, but not on an XP computer. Are any of you using a PC?
  5. Un-check "Export 2D Fills". That seems to knock a big chunk out of my dwgs.
  6. Cat, In the Workgroup References window, select the ref that you want to change and click on "Edit". In the Edit Reference window, under "Source File" you should see the current path to the referenced drawing. Click on the "Browse" button and navigate to your network location by going through My Network Places -> Entire Network -> etc., instead of the mapped drive in My Computer. I ended up putting a short cut to our projects folder on the server in "My Network Places" to make it a little quicker to access. I have never been able to set the "Path relative to current document" as it is always greyed out.
  7. FCD_Cat, do you have any workgroup references in your drawings that on a networked server. If so, is the path to the referenced file a mapped drive such as; Z:\Folder\file.mcd? Change the path of any workgroup reference on a network share from a mapped drive to the full UNC path such as; \\Server\Folder\file.mcd. I had a problem everytime I righ clicked a symbol or dragged a symbol from the resource browser, VW would go away as you described. My titleblock was refereced from P:\Projects\file.mcd. When I changed to \\Server\Projects\file.mcd, the problem went away.
  8. I had the same problem using the Wall Styles worksheet. This is a bug that NNA support told me should be fixed in the next release.
  9. My version of QuickTime is 7.0.2 and I don't have iTunes on this computer. I noticed that the last modified time on my corrupted file was right about the time VW hung. Would VW be writing something back to the workspace qtr file at the time of the hang up and corrupting the file?
  10. I just had my workspace get corrupted again. I saved and then closed a fairly large drawing file. VW hung when I tried to exit, so I ended the process in the Windows task manager. VW then started crashing until I copied the backed up version of my Architect.qtr file.
  11. Never mind. Just found out it is a bug that is being worked on. Steve
  12. What about doing all of you annotations in view ports? You could also make an annotation layer in your base drawing that wouldn't be checked off when you reference the base drawing into a new drawing.
  13. I'm still trying to see if there is a solution to this. It appears the description field in the worksheet is only displaying 62 characters. I think the description field in the wall style is limited to 256 characters. Am I overlooking a setting hidden somewhere that limits the number of characters displayed in a worksheet field? Thanks. Steve
  14. When I insert a wall style worksheet, the description field is cut short as if there is a character limitation. Is there a limit on the length of the wall description? If so, can the length be increased somewhere? Even the default VW descriptions are cut short. I'm using VW 12.0.1. Thanks. Steve
  15. I figured out how to change user field names. It may not be the VW way, but it seems to be working. First make a copy of the file "Door.vso" in your VW12 Plug-Ins folder. It something screws up, you can use this file to get back to where you started. In VW go to Tools>Scripts>VectorScript Plug-in Editor. Scroll down and select "Door". Click on the "Strings" button. Selecte "Main Dialog Static Strings" and hit the Edit button. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and you will see the "User Field #". Select one and hit Edit. Change it to what you want. Hit done and exit the editor. Your queries in the schedule will still need be the original field name like, "=(Door.UserFld1)". Once you have it working, you can copy your modified "Door.vso" to your users "Plug-Ins" folder. Also a copy of your modified Door Schedule. Steve
  16. Open the Door Schedule worksheet. On the drop-down menu at the top left, select "Database Headers". You will see a new row with a diamond at the left edge. Select the cell in this row where you would want User Field info. Now go up to the top, next to the green arrow and enter "=(Door.UserFld1)" (don't add the quotes). When you recalculate the worksheet, the data that you entered in your User Field 1 line should show up. Just change the number for each User Field in your schedule. Don't forget to turn off the Database Headers. There might be a better way of doing this, but it seems to work for me. Steve
  17. Robert - That's good to hear. I think that it is much harder to customize Door Schedules in VW12 than it was in 11.5. The only items that our schedules have in common with the standard VW12 schedule is width, height and thickness. I've worked around this by importing the door record and schedule that I had cutomized in 11.5. It works, but I have to manually enter everything in the door record tab of the OIP. I have been able to modify some of the VW12 version to meet our needs. There are still a few items that I can't figure out how to change. Overall I though VW 11.5 records and schedules were much easier to customize. Steve
  18. I thought that adding plug-ins was what happened on my two problem computers, but then I noticed that none of my other computers (4 PCs & 3 Macs) had this problem. Also, the two computers that had the corrupted work space files have all been working fine since then. We have a number of plug-ins downloaded from Vector Depot. Some are for older versions of VW and probably should be weeded out.
  19. burch, Do you have another computer running VW12? If so, you might try backing up the Workspaces folder on the problem computer and then copy the Workspaces folder from the working computer. It may not work for you, but it seems to have fixed my problem. Steve
  20. YES!! I think that I've solved my problem. I have had two more computers with this same crash problem since I first posted. On this last computer, it was the second time for this to happen. Planning on reinstalling VW12, I copied the plugins and workspaces folders to the desktop. I installed VW12 over the previous installation. VW opened. I installed the 12.0.1 patch. VW opened. I renamed the Worspaces folder and copied the one from the desktop back into the VW folder. When I launched VW, I got the exact same Quicktime error that I have been getting all along. I then put the original Workspace folder back, and VW opened right up. We have grabbed some plugins from Vector Depot and cutomized the "Architect" workspace. I'm guessing that somewhere in there, the Architect.qtr file or others in there may be getting corrupted. I've copied the workspace file on all of our working installations to a safe place on a server. If it happens again, I will see if this fix works again. I still have the corrupt Workspaces folder if anyone at NNA needs to take a look. Steve [ 03-07-2006, 03:24 PM: Message edited by: stevek ]
  21. I'm not using a dongle either. I finally gave up and wiped out this computer and reinstalled everything fresh. It needed it anyway. So far there doesn't seem to be a problem. I haven't seen this problem on any of our other computers. Steve
  22. Thanks Katie. Let me know if I need to send a Dr. Watson log. Steve
  23. I have a user with the same problem, generating the same error message. First I uninstalled QT and reinstalled off the CD. That didn't work. I then reinstalled VW 12, which also didn't work. This computer still has VW 11.5.1 on it, so I tried opening that. VW 11.5.1 opened with no problems. So my quess would be something related to VW 12 is crashing and not QT. As far as I can tell, this computer has not has any software updates in the last week or so. Steve [ 02-07-2006, 04:13 PM: Message edited by: stevek ]
  24. Thanks for the replies. I have solved the problem. It seems that we have some people here that like to open drawings just to look at them without informing anyone that they have the drawings open. Maybe a wish list item would be the ability to open a drawing read only.
  25. When a drawing is workgroup referenced, is the source file locked. When I reference a floor plan into another drawing, the source file cannot be opened until the target file is closed.


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