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  1. Thanks Robert I have called tech support. I want to create new plant symbols.
  2. What does this error exactly mean? "A vectorscript error has occurred. Refer to the file 'Error Output' for further explanation. The error is 'A2854-Index outside array limits. I get this error when I am editing the symbol and attempting to give it a different ID. Thanks
  3. Robert, I have already read this thread. My question is "How? What are the specific steps I need to take to CREATE another PLANT symbol and make it part of the existing plant symbols in the system folder. I thought taking an existing symbol within the plant catablog, duplicating it, modifying it, renaming it, and then moving it to the 2D folder would work. Is the problem in the way I moved it. Or should I start from the 2D folder and move it into the plant catalog? Where do I get the needed support from here. I wish the manual was more specific in this area.
  4. The symbol would still not show up on the plan when I used the place plant tool. The locus point would appear but the outline would be absent and there would be no ID under the object info in the resource browser. I read the info on pg. 5-8 in Landmark manual. I have also read pg. 5-14 in Vectorworks manual and have been successful creating patio symbols and placing them in a folder. Should I be creating the plant symbols through the 2d symbol folder? I have not experimented with that yet.
  5. Robert, I have been unsuccessful in placing these new symbols in the 2D folder you explained above and make the symbols show up in the edit plant catalog.In the resource browser, I chose the plant and then "move"d it to the 2D symbol folder. Then I renamed it to fit the "PTemp.." name. The symbol looked different from the others and still did not show up. Can you please be more specific in the steps required to do this. Thanks
  6. Since I design mostly residential landscapes, I need to create a larger array of plant symbols than is supplied by the program. I created new symbols through the resource browser by duplicating and editing existing symbols. All looked good when I finished. When I went to place the plant, it showed up in the graphic symbol window. However, when I went into edit plant catalog, the new plants did not show up. Am I approaching this correctly, or is there a better way to do this? So much to discover and learn, Kapa
  7. Robert, I tried this. It does not affect the spacing units , only the quantitiy of plants on my drawing. Kapa
  8. I was unable to locate "resedit" on my copy of minicad 5. I am also unable to locate it from someone else. Would vecktorworks be willing to supply this utility. I bought two copies of landmark and think this would be a service the company could provide to their customers. Kapa
  9. Robert, I have not abandoned my mac. I still it hooked up and working on my desk with minicad 5 installed. Is there any chance this old program could have this utility program to edit the resources?
  10. Just need clarification. Do you really mean "colleague who is on Mac". I am on a PC. I used to be on a mac
  11. I went into Document setup and changed the unit name to feet. Rounding decimal to .005. Rounding base 5. The spread shown for the plant in the object info was 5.5. The plant tag displays the spread at 6. Am I making setup the correct place?
  12. I had the document setup chosen at "feet & inches". But it show 4'-6" as 54 inches. When I changed the units to feet like you suggested, The plant tag rounded the spread to 5 feet. Now, that is not accurate enough for me. I am puzzled. Is this the best the program can do?
  13. I think I want to create additional categories. When I design, I initially think in types of plants. So for example, sometimes, I definately want a deciduous shrub. In minicad, I had some additional categories such as deciduous shrubs,evergreen shrubs, native plants, conifer trees, deciduous trees, and native plants.
  14. The plant tag displays plant spacing in inches. I would like the spacing to be in feet. How can I make this change. I selected quanity/common name/ spacing under the tag command in the edit plant catalog.


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