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  1. Is it possible to export a HDRI background texture to edit in PS and then import back into VW? I would like to take the HDRI Sky and change the gray ground to either sand or grass.
  2. sparky

    Which New Laptop did you Choose to run VW?

    I went with a ROG Strix GL753 Intel Core i7 17.3" 1920x1080 GTX 1050TI 16GB Ram I use a USB external monitor for all my pallets It has been a workhorse for working out of the office and in the field.
  3. sparky

    Chain Hoist New Function

    And Sam would know since he wrote the original...
  4. sparky

    Vectorworks is REALLY SLOW lately!

    It is painful when I make a simple change to my geometry and then got to all my SLVP's to update annotations for dims. Takes an hour to update 3 VP's and do Hidden Line Renders to see the geometry correctly. Files are getting more complex, I try to have everything a symbol to ease the process, but it is a slow process to get anything done.
  5. sparky

    Technical Support Graphics Card (GPU) Recommendations

    So far it is working great.
  6. sparky

    Rendering Low Res LED Walls

    I will make a screen with tubes, with a 1/2"w tube with 1" spacing. I sometimes have to play with spacing and tube numbers to get it to work. It does take a bit to render when you have lots of small screens, or several larger ones but it really helps sow that the screens are low-res (mine are also blow through) and this way there is no question that you can see through them when they are dark.
  7. sparky

    Symbols creating their own classes

    I know of some PIO's that let you add a prefix to their objects, which is great as it at least lets me get them into the main category I use for that type of resource IE: Audio, Video. The author of these plug ins has already commented on this thread albeit several months ago. For some of the classes that show up every-darn-time that I start to bring in items from the VW library, I have added them to my template for my SLVP's and scripts. Yes it is a PITA but it is easier than pulling my hair out when things disappear between my design layer and my SLVP's. I wish more of the entertainment PIO's had this option.
  8. sparky

    Technical Support Graphics Card (GPU) Recommendations

    I am looking at getting ASUS ROG STRIX GL753VE-DS74 (i7-7700HQ, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti 4GB, 17.3" FHD, Windows10) Gaming Notebook for VW17 Spotlight w/Renderworks. I am working on drawings with lots of truss and lighting fixtures, with 15-30 fixtures turned on. This is not my primary machine for VW. Thanks
  9. I just found this "design feature" The tech support people say the engineers changed it and that it is part of other changes. The work around he gave me to have a sideways raked fixture is to rotate the body 90 from the rotation in the OIP, then to do a Y rotate in the 3d rotation box at the bottom of the OIP. the problem with this is that the fixture is no 90 deg off from the truss or pipe and with no focus points the fixtures look funny from front views.
  10. sparky

    Assign to layer BUG

    When I edit a viewport properties from the Navigation Pallet to change the sheet layer a VP is on, VW crashes. This is with my template file I brought in from 2016. Anyone else seeing this?
  11. sparky

    Section Lines

    Glad I got an answer on the VW mailing list...
  12. sparky

    Section Lines

    I have created several Section Viewports on my Design Layer, and the viewports are on the correct sheet layers. I am trying to add a top/plan or top only viewport that shows the section lines and callouts. I have adjusted the different settings in the viewport but they are still not showing up. Has anyone run into this and made it work? Thanks
  13. sparky

    Scaffolding in Vectorworks

    What are people doing these days for Ring/Lahyer Scaffold?
  14. sparky

    Yosemite issues

    In the last couple of versions of Acrobat Reader they have upgraded the security protocol, and lots of 3rd party software tags the PDF incorrectly for these versions to open them. The version of Reader that Adobe wants you to install for Yosemite has the upgraded protocol. It is a real PITA to work around this.
  15. sparky

    Exporting to pdf

    When I print a PDF made from 2015 to my Epson 1280 all of the text is garbled. When I print to my HP printer it is fine. I am on OsX 10.9 THanks


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