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  1. Hi! all VW user I usually have a japanese client that often sent me their VectorkWorks file. To open their file wasn't a promblem, but all texts are in japan languages.So I need help on it about the japan Language convertor, thanks so much.
  2. Hi! Mike m oz So much thanks for all your answer & information
  3. Hello,all Vectorworks users. I also one of the VW11.5 + Renderworks trainer in SINGAPORE.Recently I have facing few of the AutoCad user who feedback to me about the comparetation both AutoCad & VW+RW11.5. So any where or who have a references record maual? For instance : A)X-Refs/X-Clips B)Standard Layers Setting C)Blocks(Create /Insert) D)Match Properties /Layer E)Printing Set up F)Hatching G)Dimension Primary & Secondary H)Creat own Logo I)Title Block-How to Set up Template J)Dimensioning-Linear(Leader & Scale)
  4. Is everyone knows that once your 3D cut section and viewport to do all the annotation or dimension are seen all right.But when there is any changes of the 3D modeling, all viewport can updated all accept the section view can't.You needed to redo the 3Dcut section again than you have the new update one in you VP sheet.So is there any solutions for that only we edit to 3D model & it will update all the viewport.
  5. Hi VW user I have just upgraded VW11.01 to 11.5, but it seen no work on my VW11.5. Is there any thing that i need to set first before using it. I have try to go to workspace editor to edit a new workspace,drag the rendering option sketch in to the menu.After I have restarted my PC, there wasn't any changes on my VW11.5.Why??????
  6. Because I a VW11.01 Trainner,& I have a student ask me the question of exporting file to Cinema4D.By the way I very appreciates for all the helps that you all have provided.I need to try first,if there is any promblem I will seeking you help again.
  7. Thanks Katie & Alanmac for the advise.So where to get download for the exchange plugin vs VW11.01 software?
  8. Well!thanks for your solution.So from VW11.01 use the DXF/DWG format to export the file to cinema4d isn't it.How to import the file from VW11.01 to cinema4d?I have try to open the DXF format of VW11.01 but cinema4v9 promt that unknown format file.
  9. Hi! all VW11.01 user, I have a little problem here to export the VW11.01 file to cinema4d.Do VW have exchange plugin for cinema4D?
  10. Thanks to all VW user for the information.I have got the free download of the PDF.
  11. so where to download the windowXP version of PDF convertor? Thank's
  12. Hi!VW11.01 user, anyone who know where or how to get the free download software related to from VW11.01 file converted to PDF file foemate? oekw68@starhub.net.sg
  13. Hi! VW11.01 user, I have problem to print out more nos of drawing instead of one copy only.I have try to set the nos of copy to be printed but it give me only 1 copy only, is it any wrong of my print setting? oekw68@starhub.net.sg
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