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  1. That is awesome, it works perfectly. I could work out how to get the rectangles drawing and add text names beneath. I am now stuck. Wondering if you can suggest a next move. I need to be able to split the resulting rectangles into strips or a grid. one long line of boxes will not fit nicely on an A size page. I ran the script on an existing job and I ended up 105 rectangle in a line. I am finding it hard to comprehend the way the lists are running through the nodes and how to manipulate them. Have you seen any examples of making a grid. I have attached where i am so far. Help you see what i am trying to do. Script.vwx
  2. there are 2 nodes mentioned in this thread earlier "Get Subrow Count" and "Get Subrow Value". they are not visible anywhere above and i would really love to get my hands on them if they exist please. am example of how the plumb them in would be great too.
  3. I am having a similar issue with Subrow entrys in a marionette script. i have a worksheet which calculates surface sizes by adding and subtracting stuff and i would like to redraw the shapes as flat rectangle polys at the corrected sizes as a surface treatment legend. the problem i have is I cannot work out the syntax for the node "Get Cell Values". what do i need to put into nSubrow to get a number out of nformula My calculated cells are in rows 1.1, 1.2, 1.3.... etc All i seam to be able to create is a poly the size of the sum total of the width and height columns. I have tried every combination i can think of in the nRow and nSubrow. entering anything into nSubrow seems to give a "0" result. I have attached where i am with it. any assistance would be great. Rectangles.vwx
  4. Hi, I am new to this forum and this topic is something i have been stuck on for a while and prompted joining. Downloaded Pascal's VWX and works like a treat. Fantastic.
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