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  1. @JuanP @LarryO Wrap text does not change the spacing, and it is not justified by the horizontal alignment setting. Very peculiar problem I'm using VW 2021 SP1 Build 568598 64 bit on Windows 11 Ryzen 5600x cpu 32gb ram RTX 3070 gpu Thanks for your replies and effort in this
  2. I like to use a particular font for my work but since importing it, it has this weird extra spacing between each word I can't get rid of. I've used a font editor and a lot of the edit show except the changes to the spacebars input in VW. But get this, in Word it works just fine! it shows the spacing changes I (while extreme in the example shown) but no avail in VW 😞 SEE EXAMPLE PHOTOS I'm sure you can tell which ones in Word and which ones in VW
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