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  1. I have successfully imported several drawings from our client however I am having problems with one particular file. In the viewport on the main sheet, the object appears to be shown in what should be plan view but the view option is actually set to custom. When I try to edit the object on the design layer it is shown as though it has been rotated in 3D space even though it is a 2D drawing. Is this some sort of import error or could this be due to the original file being exported while the object was in an orthogonal view or possibly something else? -Dave
  2. I would like the ability to free rotate an object. I have found that there are many times that I do not know the precise angle by which I need to rotate a specific object. It would be much easier to click and drag to rotate an object to my desired angle rather than to goto Tool>Rotate>Rotate type in a guessed angle and hope its close. ?Dave
  3. The table and chairs tool is great, and being in the special events business I use it on a regular basis. I do have one suggestion/request though. It would be a great addition or actually subtraction in this case if it were possible to add chairs to just a single side of a table. The problem that I run into is in laying out corporate meetings, press events, and conferences where the focus is in one particular direction, I may need 4 chairs at a table but only on the side that is facing the stage. Would it be possible to add a check box to toggle between a symetrical and asymetrical positioning of the chairs around the table. With that addition it would then also be helpful to be able to select an odd number of chairs for the ends and sides in addition to the even selections that are already available. Thank you for making such a great product.
  4. Does anyone know of any symbol libraries that would contain rental equipment such as tents, roll away bars, serpentine tables, staging sections and items of that nature? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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