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  1. I am a 10+ year user (since Mini-Cad) who can navigate and modify (to a small degree) documents... but I have never learned how to create a doc from scratch. I still need clairty on Sheet view and viewports. please tell me what time zone you are in (I am in PST- Seattle area). Please tell me your rate structure, so I can know if I can even afford your services. Many thanks, Killian Killian Collins Killian@k2av.biz 310-738-2217 mobile
  2. I am looking for a Vectorworks tutor to help me understand how to better set up a document, title blocks viewports and organizing sheets. if you feel that is something you might be able to assist me with please email me. I am in Seattle area, so please consider that time zone. Thank you. Killian Collins Killian@k2av.biz
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