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  1. Is the "extend to boundary" tool and the "offset object" tool still available on the newest version of vectorworks? I notice that they aren't on the toolbars anymore and I can't seem to find them under any other commands. Have they been erased or are they hiding?
  2. Why is it that when I create a Renderworks 3D diagram with tables, chairs, walls and a floor they all show up as black, even if I assign them a color in the edit symbol command? Do I need to assign the walls and floor a color in the edit symbol command as oppossed to just selecting it and changing it's color? It uses a lot of ink to print when they're suppossed to be white anyway. Am I missing something? Thanks,
  3. I absolutely agree-a fit to window print option is a must. I often work in a small scale with large print size and then find out I need to fax the plan to someone and it can be really frustrating to fool around with the scale objects command to get it to fit the needed paper size. Please, please change this in the next release!!
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