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  1. Thank you very much Petri! This was the post I was looking for. Don
  2. Hi Peter. I had a feeling you would be the one to reply to my query. I'm still running 11.5 so that's part of the problem. Thanks I'll give this a try! Don
  3. I've seen the solution to this problem in the past but I can't seem to find the post. It had something to do with a setting in Mac OS. Can anyone direct me to the answer?
  4. Try just dragging & dropping the symbol from the Resource Browser. Don
  5. Corner windows are common here in Canada also. I would love to see this capability built into the program. VW 11.5.1 with RW Mac OSX 10.3.9 Power Book G4 1.33GHz
  6. Larry, The PDF files I produce are in colour but I just order my printing service to produce the prints in grey scale. Don
  7. I provide my working drawings in colour via PDF format. It is useful for contractors and clients to have these produced at 11x17 size full colour. The 22x34 size are printed in grey scale for cost reasons. My thought is if the project is being designed using a 3D model why not provide the 2D drawings with full rendering for the contract documents. The whole idea is to convey as much information to the builders as possible. I also include perspective views of the interior and exterior of the project as part of the working drawing set. ______________________ Don Samuelson Samuelson Timberframe Design Mac G4 500 dual OS 10.3.9 VW 11.5 Architect RW
  8. Peter, I just finished creating a DTM using your procedure and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the info! BTW, I discovered the "2D polys to 3D contours" command works through the polygons in the order you have drawn them. ------------------------------ Don Samuelson Samuelson Timberframe Design Calgary, Alberta, Canada Mac G4 500 Dual/OS 10.3.9 VW11.5 RW ARCHITECT
  9. Hi Larry, After you've created your 3D section, go to the tools menu and select "convert copy to lines". Choose the "hidden line rendering" option. You're left with a group that should have most of your duplicate lines already removed! Cheers, Don PowerMac G4 dual 500, OSX 10.3.8, VW11.5
  10. As Andy has suggested, using the "create custom pages" I create PDF files at 22x34 size which also allows me to print half size sets on 11x17 sheets exactly at half scale (i.e. 1/4"=1'-0" on the 22x34 sheets and 1/8"=1'-0" on the 11x17 sheets). Don PowerMac G4, Mac OS X 3.7 VW11.0.1, Architect, RenderWorks
  11. To add to mike m oz comment regarding live sectioning. Control over line weight for elements actually being cut in section and for elements beyond the cutting plan would be nice. Something similar to what Architectural Desktop or ArchiCad can do.
  12. Dan, I would like to see the same kind of control for roof faces as is being discussed for floors. The homes I design are timberframe structures with vaulted ceilings and the use of structural insulated panels (SIP) for walls and roofs. The roof face would require roofing tiles, for example, for the roofing, T&G ceiling boards for the ceiling finish side, and fascia boards for the side texture. Don Samuelson Timberframe Design
  13. I haven't seen any problems since upgrading.
  14. Thanks Peter, www.samuelsontimberframe.com Don
  15. Sofia, I worked in an architectural office using AutoCad with 3D Studio Viz creating 3D models and rendering them for clients and presentations, but we found as you have suggested, that the clients were just not willing to pay for this work. Now I have my own firm and use VectorWorks with RenderWorks to create the same type of documents for high-end residential projects and with not nearly the same kind of price tag attached. This allows me to work in 3D the way I enjoy working and the client benefits in seeing their project in any rendered perspective view they wish without having to spend a fortune on design fees. You can check out my website if you want to see if this kind of imagery is what you have in mind. VectorWorks with RenderWorks would be my recommendation! Don Samuelson Timberframe Design
  16. paolobartoli, If you're using Mac OS X just use the Grab app in your utilities folder. Go to capture/timed screen to create a snap shot of what every you want. Don
  17. Liek, As is the case with most printing companys, they seem to be geared only to think AutoCad. Probably the reason they want your files in AutoCad PLT format is so they don't need to know your AutoCad line weights, etc. If you provide them with Acrobat PDF files they should be able to print those for you. I went through the same thing with the print shop I use and now I just send them PDF files and everything gets printed without a problem. Don VW11.0.1 MacOS X.3.6 G4 VW user since 1992, reluctant AutoCad user since 1985
  18. I have three columns of palettes on the lefthand side of the desktop and everytime I open a drawing I have to adjust the view so the drawing isn't under the third column. I've set Palette Margins to left but I need to find out how to accommodate three columns to avoid the overlap. Anyone know a solution? Don VW11.0.1, Architect, RenderWorks Mac OS X 10.3.6
  19. PJvH, I started using AutoCad back when it first came out in the 80's and have continued to use it to present day. Architectural firms that I have worked for over the years have always relied on my years of experience to problem solve and provide fellow collegues with technical assistance as it relates to AutoCad and PCs. I first started using VW on the Mac in 92 when it was known as MiniCad. I have been operating my own design firm for the last ten years and having full control over the software/hardware purchases, choose VW on the Mac, no question. Unless you want to be spending hours of your time maintaining your systems and dealing with the all too familiar "fatal error" I would recommend going with VW. Don
  20. Kevin, I took your advice and created a new document then copy/paste the elements from the problem document into the new file. Everything works now and all I have to do is as Travis suggested, open in Acrobat and run Reduce File Size option to bring the PDF down from 3.3Mb. Thanks All, Don G4 PowerBook 1.33 768RAM OSX3.6 VW11.0.1
  21. Thanks Travis & Kevin, I discovered what I was doing wrong and have found the proper area for setting the resolution. After a number of tests I now have found that I can only produce PDFs that are rendered with OpenGL but not RenderWorks. What next??? How do I produce the final quality RenderWorks PDFs and also have file sizes at around 1Mb rather than 12Mb or so?
  22. Travis, Like you I create PDFs all the time.....when I was using VW8.5.2 on OS9.2.2. Now that I've upgraded to VW11.0.1 and OSX.3.6 I can't seem to get things working properly. I just tried your recommendation and I don't get the option to change resolution, just a scale percentage???
  23. The "Save as PDF" worked fine for floor plans but didn't work for rendered 3D views or rendered elevations. Anyone have a fix for this? G4 PowerBook 1.33
  24. Thanks Mike! That considered, I'm actually contemplating on saving models back to v8 just to create animations. Would that be crazy?
  25. I recently upgraded from my old 8.5.2 to the latest v11 and I'm finding that when I go to create animation (orbit point) my model with OpenGL or even Fast RenderWorks for that matter, it not only takes longer to process but the final result isn't as good as the QuickDraw 3D version from 8.5.2. Why? Anyone know what I might need to do to bring back the quality and speed from I've grown accustom to with my old setup? Mac G4 dual 500 & PowerBook G4 1.33
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