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  1. I think I got it! Your file helped immensely. Starting over seemed to help. Not sure why it gets so confused with the clamp being included in the extrude as a group, but adding the two together as you did worked great.
  2. @markdd Yes, this is almost exactly it. When it is added in the edit view, it shows 2d and 3d correctly, but once it is in the regular working environment, it disconnects the different pieces and seems to attach it's rotate point to the body of the light, rather than the yoke. How was the "adding" of two accessories accomplished like above?
  3. Is there a best practice for accessories attaching to the yoke of a fixture? I'm having trouble creating a taildown and it looking correct in 3D. When I edit the accesory, it looks correct, but when I exit and look in 3D, it detaches the clamp from the extrude and moves with the focus of the fixture. What am I missing here?
  4. I'm having some trouble with getting my Focus line in the object info palette to update in the label legend and vise versa. If I double click on the fixture and select a focus point from the drop down, it will update the label legend, but not in the object info window...Is this a bug? Change in '23? Having overall difficulty with this rather large file, so it could be a hidden gremlin; but will make it very interesting when attempting to talk to Lightwright. Anyone have thoughts?
  5. Thanks Pat, That's unfortunate. It's definitely a sacrificial problem...would rather have my label legends read DMX addresses as "1/214" than to have a huge container with "001/214". ....But I'd also like the Universe Key to read 1 2 3 4 Oh well. Seems like an easy thing to fix...
  6. Is it possible to sort values in the Data Visualization window? I get this error when trying to sort my DMX universes numerically. I would obviously like things to be 1-105 in numerical order for the colors and the annotated key make a little more sense. Is there a secret way in another window perhaps that I'm missing to get these to sort? -Reid
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