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  1. I create a Polygon colored(except white) on solid,and it has over 1500 vertices . The screen indication is normal, but a blank appears in solid of the object when I print this file. The screen indication is normal, but occurs a blank in color of the object when it is outputted . This problem occurs on PS printer only. Example;how to make a object occurs of problem 1.Settings are '2D conversion Res: 'is Very Highby ,and click the checkbox at 'Offset Duplications' by VectorWorks Preference. 2.Create a Rounded Rectangle by' Rounded Rectangle 'Tool. 3.Serect a Object ,and convert it to a polygons. 4.A Object is Duplicate from 'Edit 'Menu comand. 5.Serect two Objects,and do Add Surface from 'Tool'Menu comand. 6.It colors on Solid Fill Color by 'Attributes 'Palette(except white). Is there any infomation? A&A hase [This message has been edited by hase (edited 08-29-2000).]
  2. Internal Accuracy is .00000,but the value of 'L:' in the 'obj info ' palette is rounded off with a decimal point the fifth,and indication is the fourth. For example,Draw a line of L:193.73758, but it is L:193.7376 with the 'obj info' palette. When using the 'Line Create' dialog, input in 193.73758 in the ' L : ', and click on another column or hit the Tab Key,then It becomes 193.7376. It is set up as follows Layer Scale: 1:1 Unit Type; Unit Name:Millimeters Unit Style; Display Precision: No Rounding Decimal Format: 0.XX Print Area Size : ISO A4 Is there a way which can be inputted? Thanks A&A Hase
  3. Thanks J U A N There is no 3d loucus in the same place . But,There are some 3d loucuses that the value of the part of the integer is the same though the value of the decimal point and under is different. It may be a cause. hase [This message has been edited by hase (edited 08-03-2000).]
  4. There is a file which an error occurs in when the 'New DTM 'of the 'DTM'menu command is used. Error message is "Error codes; 4,6" Please teach me the meaning of this message. What is the cause of the error? Thanks A&A hase [This message has been edited by hase (edited 07-31-2000).]
  5. In the case of the file that moved the origin by using 'Set Origin' menu command. When I select object, and change X ,Y value by the obj info pallet, but it does not change. This trouble occurs by some position of the origin. The same problem occurs not only VectorWorks's files but also Minicad6's and MiniCAD7's files. Please follow this sequence. 1.Unit Type is set up in [mirimeters],and Decimal Format is set up in [ .XX] by 'Set Unit' menu command. 2.Move the origin to 'X -92,Y 132'by 'Set Origin' menu command. 3.Draw a rectangles. 4.Enter value 'X0,Y0' at the obj info palette. 6.Inputted value doesn't accepted. Thanks A&A hase
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