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  1. Glad to hear it's not just me. I was beginning to feel like a rookie pain in the a#$... Robert, if you're still following this thread, thanks much for the examples, but new issue. Clicking "show/hide plant styles shows some, hides others, shows some elements within 1 symbol while hiding others, etc. Any experience with this?
  2. Hey all. I can't get my line weight to update to a heavier line for my "trees" class. Even when I update each individually in the attributes box, no change. Any suggestions?
  3. Robert, I hate to be "that guy" and bombard you, but in working with your suggestion of adding a style to my groups, I now get a script error. "Error 1560 52. You must ALLOCATE the dynarray before using it. It literally gets worse as I go. VW needs more time in R&D. OK. What I need to do is: Have a large overlapping mass of simple circle symbols turn into just the outline, with a plant tag visible.Ideally a graphic enhancement like vegetation line would be easily added as well. I need to do this without weird filled polys appearing on every plant group, some tags hiding some not, etc.
  4. And yet another. I could maybe deal with no styles, but upon showing my plant tags now, those groups (SOME, BY THE WAY, NOT ALL, very quirky) are merging in ways that are far from what I want. Kill me, please.
  5. Got it Robert. New problem. Plant tags don't display this way, unless I'm missing a setting. Also, the styling added weird filled surfaces on my shrub symbols.
  6. Kevin R

    Plant tags

    Again, thanks. On a side note, I know your purpose isn't training, so thanks for the help in my first steps.
  7. Robert, it's the same as my observation. You have to scroll through symbols with cryptic abbreviations. Even if you do come up with your own system, the dropdown box select plant would be vastly superior.
  8. Kevin R

    Plant tags

    Hey all. At the moment, all of my plant tags are buried within drawing graphics. How are they lenghened/moved? Thanks in advance, Kevin
  9. ? I'll look into it... Thanks! Do you mean I have to redraw/reformat/resave it?
  10. Hey there. Thanks in advance for the patience to a new user. I'm wondering how I can get an outline around large masses of perennials without the actual plant symbols/circles showing? I want to show just "drifts" for the different groups, while retaining plant group info, plant tags, etc. At the moment my drawing is a million overlapping circles. I figure there has to be a way to do this, but vegetation line doesn't seem to apply...
  11. Cheers, Viper. Once setting spread, you should only have to specify a CUSTOM spread whenever placing that plant. Also, more of a interface comment here, but maybe there's a way to change it. Can I see full plant names in the catalog? I've got 50+ species in the design I'm in, and the assigned codes are Greek to me. I'm having to go into the edit box to read what's what. Thanks to Katie, Robert, Viper for getting me up and running yesterday.
  12. Hey Robert. I'm up and running, thanks for the help! To anyone else, any idea why when I add a new plant to the catalog, and specify a spread, upon placing it it defaults to the spread last used? Any way to change this? Every plant placement has an unecessary step...
  13. I spoke too soon. I placed a group, then placed another, and on the doouble click, they dissapeared, then no plant place too. I'm getting really annoyed.
  14. Hey Robert, Restarting fixed it. It's happened in 3 different files today though. Is this a known bug with that command? Also, in my earlier question about things being dramatically slowed down inexplicably, I may have found the source of that too. A hedge drawn with a plant line with a solid fill deleted from each of two designs sped things up again. Is that a known bug/ram sapper? Thanks for your patience while I get my VW groove...


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