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  1. Mike, Sounds like we might be having the same problem in Aotearoa. Drop me a line on aloe@ihug.co.nz - I'd be keen to compare notes. Regards Ashley
  2. I have just purchaesd a Toshiba Tecra NVIDIA G Force FX GO5200 64Mb and installed VW11/renderworks, updated to v11.0.1 I'm getting two errors when attempting to render: 1. Open GL driver mismatch then forced VW11 close 2. A "Visual C++ Runtime error" and VW shutdown when attempting to render using final quality Renderworks, Artistic Renderworks or Custom Renderworks. The file is a 3Mb basic model I note others with this problem - Nemetshek, is there a fix? Can anyone else comment? In the middle of a deadline. Ashley


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