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  1. 12.5.3 - Not sure if this has not been done as when loading I asked for latest version to be selected. Wher do I check as it wont open, and failing that where can I down load as I dont find the selection that simple. JC
  2. Hi 12.5.0 straight from the CD loaded on to Vista Home Premium. Loaded ok, input of serial no. ok registration ok. Have installed the latest driver for the HASP dongle and have a steady red light. On lauching the program I get the standard the Vector works dongle could not be found. I have checked the ystems manager and that indicates all is ok. I have followed the other threads through ligh setting the admin permissions. Need a sep by step cross check if possible. Cheers JC
  3. Found selecting OpenGL under Veiw Rendering switches the facility on. Can the Monertone Gray colour be changed? I have managed to change the colour when the 3D Extruded contours is selected. Cheers Jim
  4. I would like to see more interactive training issued with the product as trawling through ever changing reported issues while interesting can be time consuming. Most of the operations once located I find simple and of great benifit but the curve of learning is very steep and if you are looking for conversions then this must be addressed.
  5. Just getting started with this function and have hit the wall. Have created a simple landform converting 2D polys to 3D contours and have created the model with no issues. However the model will only display in wire format regardless of the selections made under the Properties. I assume that this is a simple error on my side but I need to move on past the hour I have now spent trying to resolve this. Locating the help topics could be better as this element needs a chapter on its own.
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