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  1. 'Convert to Mesh' does not work correctly at some situation. When the object has over 3000 vertices,converting to a mesh,then the object converted to a group(3D Polys in the group). Is this spec? Has anybody else seen this happen? Example:how to make a 3D object of its vertex is over 3000. 1.Set the '2D Conversion Res' to very high in VectorWorks Preference dialog. 2.Draw a circle,and convert it to a polygone. 3.Duplicate it in place at 12 times.(because 256*12=3072) 4.Select all,and make them to a 'Multiple extrude'. Thanks AYA A&A
  2. I can't print correctly exported EPS data from VecrorWorks on PS printer. Please follow this sequence. 1.Create 5 or 6 Extrudes. 2.Do rendering with mode of solid or shade. 3.Export EPSF,and open it with quorkExpress or VectorWorks. 4.Then the result of printing is not correct. Strange lines will appear on the solid. This problem occurs on PS printer only. The type of 3D Object is not special,Extrude,mesh and solid model. Strange lines on the solid appears on display ,when openinig the exported EPS data with PhotoShop5.0. Why would this happen? Thanks A&A AYA [This message has been edited by AYA (edited 07-31-2000).]
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