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  1. Thank for the answer - I was on site for a few days. I bought in the UK, from Computer unlimited. I wrote to them, but got no answer.
  2. Ehm... any suggestion? Right now, my VW is just a piece of useless disk space... (I am still BTS, with a different log)
  3. Ooops - Now it shows. It shows as HASP 4 USB 1.33. Does not light, however, and I still get the message "There is no dongle, etc."
  4. Yes I did. Name is LM_Setup_Mac_10.4. I installed and later I run the patch (spotlight was not working). But even after the patch was installed, the dongle would not light up. System Profiler does not show the dongle in USB bus.
  5. I know it's hardly news, but my dongle does not work. I have downloaded and installed the HASP driver from aladdin, but still it does not light up. This happened after I had a crash (and replacement) of HD on the PBG4 with Tiger - the USB ports are working fine with other devices. Any hint?
  6. I started using VW 10.5 with Tiger om a G4. Everithing fine, noticed no remarkable difference - only thet I cannot use the keyboard shortcuts. I'm sure it is a config problem, but can't guess how to overcome.
  7. Oooops. I found elsewhere the suggestion to reboot, and followed. Now works fine.
  8. I had this problem today for the first time. Nothing really happended which could have triggered this... except the change from AirPort 11b to 11g and consequent reconfiguration of network (hardly connected to the problem, I believe). Powerbook G4 1 GHz OS 10.2.8 VW 10.1.2 but just upgraded to 10.5 and keeps deselecting
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