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  1. Hello We are able to silently install the main Vectorworks application, but can we silently install the viewer application?
  2. And when you click 'New Class' in the Class Mapping dialog it should offer you the same new class dialog as the Organisation Palette.
  3. In order to find classes with similar words, to then map them to anothewr class containing the same keyword, filters are needed in the class and layer mapping command.
  4. That's a pain. I am using 9.10.
  5. As @_c_ states, using DVLPs will not correctly assign levels to the DLVP in the IFC but it is an effective way to model quickly, and if the BEP is not too exacting, will export an IFC reliably otherwise. WHen I say 'true space' I mean the DLVP is located at the correct level in the correct coordinate system, as opposed to flat packed where it is modelled at 0,0,0. Every BEP I have ever seen will state that buildings must be issued separately. Do you have a company BEP? Is there a BEP on the project? We don't recommend issuing any IFC data without some sort of protocol agreeing to or defining what's going to be issued. Others may take exception to the fact that you are bundling every building into one file. The BEP gives them an opportunity to agree or not to that. “Any additional information is considered waste” ISO19650. Simplify trees to what others need to know, and do not ever use the VB Visual trees. Only model what is useful for coordination and clash avoidance. So size, quantity, and volume of tree pit, etc, is all that's needed. COBie data may or may not be needed. If you need to swap out 'fluffy' trees for 'LOD100' trees, there is a very effective method for this using symbols. Build it minimally. You should prepare models for export and not just 'export' and expect it to work. Models need to be cleaned up; sheets, views, extraneous data, resources, etc, and purged removed prior to export. Do you have a model validation checklist? Have you carried out any coordination tests prior to issuing the IFC? IFC2x3 has always been more reliable in my experience. Solibri Anywhere is great for reviewing multiple models. I have also been referred to eveBIM.
  6. Model at 0m. Use DLVP to locate Model in true space. Place DLVP on it's own layer with correct Z value, either using Stories or Layer Elevation. Although very quick, can result in IFC storeys at the wrong level. Happy to discuss offlist.
  7. We have been sent an IFC. The IFC when viewed in Solibri is correctly located in X, Y and Z. The 'default' building is correctly located. The 'Bottom Elevation' of objects in the IFC are correct. However, when importing into Vectorworks the Design Layer elevation is incorrect. On further investigation, the 'IFCSITE' level is correct, but the 'IFCBUILDINGSTOREY' level is incorrect. It looks like Vectorworks imports layers related to 'IFCBUILDINGSTOREY', which is logical but clearly the IFC is not giving the right information. It would appear that the author of the model (who uses another well-known BIM authoring tool) has set their model up so that the model levels are related to 0m, and not true levels AOD. And have set the level of the model on export by using a value entered at the 'Project Base Point'. It would appear that the export of IFC from their software does not summate the value of the IFCBUILDINGSTOREY and IFCSITE levels to correctly export the model at the correct height, or conversely, Vectorworks is not adding the two values to define the correct layer elevation. Who is right? This is the only project I have worked on where this is a problem. In all other models, we usually have no issue when the models are located at their correct level AOD. The override specified at the Project Base Point is causing the issue. Seems to me the issue is their end, not ours. Thought I would bring this up just in case anyone else is having coordination issued caused by others not setting up their models correctly and artificially exporting IFC by cheating the software into thinking the model is somewhere it isn't.
  8. You should also only be exporting one building at a time...
  9. The workgroup folder and user folder settings are not saved in the 'Settings' folder in the Application Support or App Data folder. They are found in a plist file on the mac or the registry on windows. No way to back up them on windows, I don't think but mac is fairly easy.
  10. Hello How many are familiar with the invisible .lck file that Vectorworks generates when you open a Vectorworks file? If you show invisible files in Mac OS or Windows you will see the file alongside an open Vectorworks file. The .lck is there to stop another person opening the same file, so don't delete them! Some .lck files remain long after the file has closed and these are usually due to the occasional crash. It's nothing sinister and many applications do the same thing I believe. However, those of you familiar with these invisible lovelies, I wonder if you have ever come across an invisible .vwx file instead of the .lck file? We have recently found, in one particular office invisible .vwx files, and when we make them visible and change the file extension to .txt, they are actually .lck files. We are at a loss as to why they should appear, and would love to know how to stop them appearing. It only affects Vectorworks on Windows 10, it seems. If anyone has seen this file type, please get in touch. Would love to compare notes on server setup, workstation specs, and file history. Thanks.
  11. How many know that Neufert is ISO128? Even if it is, not sure I would base my graphic standards on Neuferts.
  12. How many have bought ISO128, and would therefore know the difference?
  13. We are working with a number of companies who prefer to model and coordinate their work with engineers also working in Rhino. They don't use Revit for obvious reasons. They could use Vectorworks but most students are born with an inbuilt ability to model in Rhino, it seems. We do indeed separate the rectilinear from curvilinear, by using DWG and allow for the geometry to assume attributes of previously defined Rhino classes. We do not use DWG for importing the curvy stuff because you know what happens with 3D DWG. It's the same as the stiff we get from Revit. Heavily triangulated. So we prefer the curvy stuff to come from Rhino directly as 3DM. Currently the workflow to import and use 'as found' the Rhino geometry is labourious because we have to classify it ourselves. We would like the workflow to be far more linear. Into a previously configured project template... Pour in one Rhino model Section Rhino model using previously prepared section lines Place section viewport on sheet Render Print/Export/BIM
  14. Works with DWG export from Rhino into VW, but not 3DM import into VW.
  15. It would be extremely useful when looking for a class to be able to enter a keyword and have VW find classes with that keyword in like how the filter system works in the organisation and navigation palettes.
  16. I agree. Adding the possibility of a solid panel to a window would’ve been far more useful and I daresay have been used by more architects around the world than the barn door.
  17. Don't forget the Curtain Wall tool needs the ability to specify spandrels as a default, not as an afterthought.
  18. Actually, the more I think about this, it is like your client selling you their brief!
  19. Could not agree more. BIM is mandated and yet we have to pay for the document that defines the standard we have to work to. COBie is even worse.
  20. That’s why I go around configuring architects cad systems...the practice controls the standards and staff are not allowed to change anything. Where an office does not have any we give them ours so now around 100 or so practices draw like I do!
  21. I will take a look although tbh the first thing I do is delete the hatches that ship with VW and use my own. They have to be renamed anyway so easier to have a set that are compliant.
  22. oh I wish the U.K. were more dictatorial when it came to drawing graphics. U.K. architects though will never accept being told how their drawing should look so there is no standard in the U.K. for hatching anymore. There used to be a BS which I can dig out but the only standards we seem to care about about at the moment is naming files obtusely. perhaps with ISO19650 there might be some alignment to the DIN standard.
  23. If you are willing, send me your cv and I will see if any of my clients are looking. Sometimes I feel like I should start up a recruitment agency, the number of times I am asked if I know someone!
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