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  1. We are also making this step, reluctantly it has to be said, since we have no issues under AFP but the move to Mojave is certainly putting us under pressure from IT support to change to SMB. Meanwhile, in the real world... The trouble we have is that most of our clients are not in a position to update all workstations to Mojave and VW2019 at the same time.
  2. Simple request... If in the Navigation Palette, I opt to sort layers by name, it would be incredibly useful if cmd up/down arrow scrolled through the layers as listed and not by stacking order.
  3. A huge workflow efficiency would be the ability to reference specific layers and class visibilities as saved in a view. File A may contain multiple layers. File B references File A, and in order to replicate a specific set of layers and classes seen in File A, we currently have to do this manually. Being able to reference a Saved View would be a huge time-saver. I am currently playing catch-up with a model. Design Team produce ever changing 2D sketches. I reference their sketch files and have to maintain the background data to make sure I haven't missed anything. Referencing a set of layers associated to a saved view and have the referenced background update when the saved view changes would be extremely useful. As with all things 'Workgroup Reference' related we need the ability to do this irrespective of choice of reference methodology. FYI Microstation can do this.
  4. This does question what software you should use to validate your data. Importing a Vectorworks DWG back into Vectorworks does not prove anything, but it is amazing how many do this. We have found problems using Autodesk's Online Viewer. Draftsight has been very useful for DWG. However, where does validation stop? Should you be checking the IFC imports correctly into the software of the recipient, or is this their responsibility?
  5. I was asked the other day why when someone exported a DWG with two floor plans side by side on the sheet, why in DWG model space, the plans were merged on top of one another. At least they checked! Others clearly don't.
  6. How many Vectorworks users validate their PDF, DWG, IFC or COBie data prior to issue? How many export a DWG or IFC and then bother to check that file in another software to see what the recipient is likely to see? How many print direct from Vectorworks and don't check how long it takes to print the PDF generated by Vectorworks? Or do you just hit 'Export...' and hope for the best?
  7. would anyone else find it useful if fonts mapping were settings in the workgroup folder and not user settings?
  8. Jim my point is that many issue rvt file format irrespective or with absolutely no consideration of who they are sending the file to. admittedly getting stuff off a manufacturer’s website is unlikely to be a huge choice of file formats but even then i would be amazed if they didn’t have another file format languishing somewhere.
  9. Do you mean ‘no reason not to argue these points’? the less we insist on ifc the less chance we will get it. Rvt file format does not get a mention as the primary file exchange format in my BEP. One thing it does do is initiate the discussion about IFC exchange even if rvt consultants decide to issue rvt files between themselves. No problem with that as long as they can guarantee the same geometry exists in the ifc. that said if you are saddled with a rvt file from someone and you cannot get an ifc find a mate with rvt and get them to export it to ifc. same result ultimately since any rvt specific functionality will be lost but that’s to be expected.
  10. What? Why not? And why should your software import Revit files? There are dozens out there thy don’t. if a manufacturer does not issue IfC they are the loser ultimately. i am not arguing they should issue vw files but issuing rvt is like someone issuing a pagemaker or indesign file rather than the pdf. short-sighted and ignorant. we ban revit as a file exchange format on our projects.
  11. What’s Revit? I am sure they must have a nice IFC lying around... oh, hang on, Revit users don’t know what an IFC is so probably not. IFC imports superbly in 2017 onwards or at least the files I have been in receipt of.
  12. Well said. It is unbelievable how many moan about incompatibility but do absolutely nothing to check, or test, or seek advice before applying any update of any software let alone an OS, which let's face it, has the biggest impact of all.
  13. Does anyone else feel that class filtering needs a few more options, and the ability to concatenate search fields? For example... 'Show only classes with 'A-' at the beginning, and the all classes containing the word 'Wall', and that are not from a referenced file...' or 'Show used classes only' Steven
  14. If one individual cannot connect to a network license but everyone else can, and it looks like it is a B series install, what could the matter be? Therefore 56 licenses and 23 logged on so there are sufficient licenses. Any suggestions? Have restarted the server through the RLM. It has been installed on a VM, but this has not been an issue before.
  15. Christiaan Did you get anywhere with this? Given that Pr and Ss tables tend to go beyond simply the Group and Sub-Group codes I would limit it to Pr_65 Services distribution products as then 'Section' but then expand to Aluminium rainwater pipe and fittings for the Note Description and Pr_65_52_63_04 for the Note Text However, all this can be avoided IF you use T-Sheet References. Steven
  16. Need also to allow us to have two storeys at the same elevation! Or be allowed to duplicate a design layer, and retain the storey assignment, and allow us to set the same storey and the same level so that we can do options!
  17. I would like to see the wall hole component AT THE SAME TIME as the other geometry in a symbol, perhaps highlighted as a red translucent solid whilst editing a symbol. When creating the symbol and the object that will become the 'Wall Hole Component' a 'right click' and assign as 'wall hole component', in a similar way we can assign 2d elements to screen plane, would be very useful.
  18. I think it is important to note that the use of BS1192 class naming does extend to BIM. In the CPix Post-Contract BEP, you will note, in section 5.4, it says: "Each discipline should provide the Design Manager and the CAD manager with a full list of all layer names to be used on the project. This list should be published to all members of the project team for information. Table 25 Layer naming convention Discipline - Classification - Presentation - Description e.g. A-G23-M_Stairs [using Uniclass 1.4, I should add] Some software solutions suggest that layer names are not necessary but it has been found that the convention shall be used when sharing or exchanging information." Whether you include this section in your BEP is of course up to you. The work Martyn Horne and I have been doing as part of the AEC UK CAD and BIM Standards initiative, and in order to assist Vectorworks users, in Vectorworks 2015 and 2016 you will find Class Standards Libraries containing AEC UK CAD Standards classes. Object libraries for Walls, Slabs, Roofs, Doors and Windows using Uniclass 2015 could also be provided. Uniclass 1.4 could also be provided if that was of interest. Anyone viewing an IFC file will note that 'layers' can be used for viewing the model. And, of course, you probably still export DWG... Classes and other Library content should adopt BS1192 naming conventions. The question of adding Uniclass classification to IFC fields, is separate, and should be done when creating your own content, in a similar fashion to inserting 'T-Sheet' or NBS references. Hopefully Vectorworks, Inc. will work on ways to make it easier to add information to IFC fields, and custom property sets in future releases. Let us know if you have any (useful) comments on the content provided with Vectorworks, by the way. Regards Steven
  19. If it has not already been confirmed, 2014 definitely has a problem after upgrading to 10.11. If you edit a viewport, and try to change the layers attached to the viewport you cannot see their names. The list is blank, although they do appear if you hover over where their names should be. Haven't had a chance to test on a fresh 10.11 install or new Mac running 10.11.
  20. We have confirmed reports of VW2011 crashing on startup in Mavericks.
  21. Yes. Renaming the file is the only solution as far as I know. Not ideal. Surprised no-one else has had the problem before now.
  22. Have you got a three way or Y wall join?
  23. Are any of you, by chance, importing dwg data into any of the files directly?
  24. I have had a recent report of VW2012 being slow and am trying to get to the bottom of it and wonder, to those who are claiming VW2012 is slow on recent (less than a year old) and new iMacs, what graphics cards do you have? At the moment, the issue we are seeing affects the base model iMac with the Radeon HD 6750M card. The slow speed of drawing a line, for example, only affect one Mac of this specification. All others tested are absolutely fine.
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