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  1. Workgroup Reference does not refer the visibility of class setting now. I need it. Michi Fujita
  2. Workspace editor. Why Workspsce editor does not accept moving the plural tool at same time. Michi Fujita
  3. VW does not have compatiblities parfectry with 'DeskTop Printer'. Because, VW will be show up the save alart after the printig for each document. Is it small one? However you will be understanding if you need printing prural ducument. It is tiresome. Michi Fujita
  4. Now, Group command, It will always set the class to 'None' for an objective. I think It is not only unconvinience but also feeling of wrongness. I think, that object have to set the active class. What do you think? Michi Fujita
  5. Now,Duplicate array command does not adapt slant grid setteing. I need adapt option to Duplicate array command. Michi Fujita
  6. 1. Text alignment option. Now, Text Alignment command will be based refarence point. Reference point is fixed, Text box will be moved. I want to other option, It mode is fixed refarence point mode. Text box is not moving but reference point is moviing. 2. I want to function of adding original user size to Size menu in TEXT command. Two size is vest. What do you think this. Michi Fujita
  7. Dimension value option. I want to restoration 'text on the dimension' on dimension option in next version. MC6 had it. The Mecanical engineer alway use it's dimension standard format in Japan. Michi Fujita
  8. VW have to send correct print job name to print driver on Windows OS. VW is alway using print job name's 'Print File'. Network cliants was very confused when printing at same times to same printer. Michi Fujita.
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