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  1. If it helps here is a screen recording of what happens. When there is no movement in the VW screen I'm trying to zoom in and out and try to click things but it doesn't respond. Before starting the screenrecord the screen had been frozen for +- 5 minutes. As you can see it doesn't say not responding in the force quit menu and I can navigate the rest of the Mac easily. After a couple minutes the screen responds again and will do all the actions I tried very quickly. Screen Recording 2022-05-18 at 10.23.36.mov
  2. I did both, did the reset and after creating the new user folder it seemed to work fine for majority of the day. After a couple hours it happened again.
  3. Hi, it worked all fine today, but just now it started happening again (in a different Vectorworks document.) Would there be any other ways of trying to fix this? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks so much Pat, this seems to have fixed it!
  5. Hello, since yesterday my screen keeps freezing when trying to do a simple task. It seems to be happening in a specific file. I haven't added anything special or big before the problem started. The rest of my iMac works fine. I can navigate to a different application and do anything I want in safari for example. I can move my cursor but the Vectorworks screen just doesn't do anything. After five minutes it will do all the actions very quickly and work again for a couple minutes before freezing again. I downloaded the most recent update pack which did not resolve this. I restarted my computer several times as well. I run on an Imac 2017, BigSur 11.6.4 Vectorworks 2022. Anyone has a fix for this?
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