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  1. I didn’t mean to imply that VW2015 ran better on a later OS then was officially supported! Just that I have previously inadvertently updated the OS past 10.11 and Vectorworks 2015 continued to work. I was curious to know whether Jeff Harris’s or anyone else’s experience was of a successful clean install of VW2015 on 10.14 or if he, like me, simply upgraded the OS past 10.11 with VW2015 already installed. I need to get a machine I can run a spare 2015 licence on. It isn’t a primary or critical use, more for convenience. I have the option of a Mac running 10.14 and simply wondered if there was any prospect of a clean install of VW2015 on it, in the knowledge that it isn’t officially supported.
  2. I am considering buying an old mac to run a legacy copy of Vectorworks 2015. I have previously seen that the OS can be updated beyond the officially supported version if Vectorworks is already installed (perhaps because the compatibility issues relates to installation or maybe I just got lucky). Can you tell me, where you able to run previously installed VW 2015 on 10.14.6 or were you able to install and run it from scratch? Thanks.
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