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  1. Thank you Pat. I will give this a try. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi All, Rather New to VW. Looking for some input on how to draw my drawing datum in real world coordinates to begin my design development Based on that coordinate point.
  3. Jeff - I appreciate the feedback and I have been going through many of the videos. They are helpful. It is fair for anyone coming in from other platforms to ask questions relative to what they have done for years. I do not believe many share the sentiment that you have as this is to be an informational and educational forum. If the intent is not assist, then this forum should not exist. thank you!
  4. Thank you all! Hopefully this is something VW is working on so you can group layers based on standard practice clasification.
  5. Is there a way to organize layers based on type? For example, Finish Floor or Ceiling Layers to be under a Parent “Finish Floors” or “Ceilings” where the multiple Finish Floors or Ceilings can be found for the various stories. The same for framing plans, slab plans, etc.
  6. Pat - Thank you very much for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated. Regarding the opening, does Vectorwork recognizes the new opening under the demo scope or is that another series of steps to show that under the Demolition Scope? Do I have to create another wall with Demo data visualization or is VW capable of generating the area of the wall that needs to be demo as a result of the window/door placement in an Existing wall?
  7. Hi all, I am coming from using REVIT where the interface can be a bit more dynamic and let’s steps to achieving certain aspects of the job. my question: Can VW automate a wall opening on an existing wall if I place a new window to be constructed? What’s the best way of achieving this? Does it requires a lot of work? Assume everything is via BIM families/components.
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