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  1. On 5/16/2022 at 8:13 AM, DomC said:

    You can use the "Get Item" to get an element of a list. Input 0 to get first Item. So 10th Item you get with input 9.


    I done it right all the time but it needed to be an integer as an input but i did a number😅

    Small thing that makes a huge differents the "number to integer"

    On 5/14/2022 at 10:01 PM, Pat Stanford said:

    Since you are using the Student version of VW, most of us will not be able to open your file.  Can you post a screenshot of your network instead?


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  2. Hello i need some help to filter something out of a list of x,y positions. I want for example the point [10] in the list and get the responding x,y positions.

    I'm to confused at the moemnt to do it.😅

    Creating the grid in a rectangle for testing is no problem but then filtering it...


  3. Hello,


    i need some help, i think im just blind.

    I have a triangle made from 3 lines and later getting extruded but i need the second shortest/longest line and its center point because the lines are generated with with a random number from a range.

    Sort and with get item i can filter it but the value of the line is not getting through there so i cant get the center. Do i need to do some python scripting here and create a completely new node or can i do this with the existing nodes?

    What i found so far is only something with list([-1]) and with that i would get the index before the last index in the list as an output and this would be perfect for my case but i dont know how to create or modify such a node.




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