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  1. It should also be noted that this error happens when printing to two different kinds of printers. This is not a printer driver problem.
  2. Having a problem where I try to print from Vectorworks and everything appears to proceed normally. However when I open up the Print Monitor to view its progress, the document appears for a very short time and then briefly flashes an error that reads something like: "Printing error: Could not delete resource file. -43" I'm not sure if that's exact because it displays so briefly. After that nothing else happens. We have determined that we are causing this error when attempting to use a specific Font -- changing the Font to Helvetica makes it go away. However, there appears to be nothing incorrect about where this font is installed, and the same font files are used on another G4 with no problems whatsoever. I have reached the end of my capacity to debug this problem. Do you have any further advice?
  3. One printer is a HP 750C. The others are a Imagerunner 210S and ImageCLASS C2100. The same error happens with all of them. We are all using Vectorworks 11.0.1.
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