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  1. @willofmaine Thanks for the reply. Figured out the reference setting adjustment. Not intuitive at all. Also, got it on the preferences with the Wrench rather than than OIP for Scale. The text style is not in that dialog though but figured out how to select text menu mid-insertion. Not intuitive either. One would think you could easily set all properties of an object in the OIP, then check a box "set as default". Even my $600 Bluebeam can do that.
  2. Guess this hasn't come up before with any other Architect? Anyone?
  3. Thx for the reply. All true, but then I would be updating managed Project Data and issued set information across 5 or more unique title sheets, unless I can link them all to a data base. Ha. Probably easier to create consultant symbols of information and place them over my logo and stamp once.
  4. We use a standard Title Block across all of our sheets, including consultants sheets, so the layout and graphic conventions are the same. We only swap out our logo and license stamp for the consultants'. This makes for a really clean set graphically. An average set might be 80-140 sheets, 50 or more of which are various consultants. Manually placing logos onto to each applicable sheet over ours is not a "dialed in" option, in my opinion. I can easily add a consultant's name using managed sheet data, but I can't hide my logo and stamp and show theirs instead with visibility class control, like I can in a viewport. Essentially, I want one title block that has all my consultant's info pre-placed, per consultant class. Anyone have a workaround for this? This seems a pretty basic need but searching the interwebs has led me to a dead end on using classes to simplify this. Thanks
  5. Not much out there for specifics on this at all. 3 hours searching everywhere and nothing addresses my questions below. Brain is fried on this topic. Working on Building Exterior Elevations, notations in a Sheet VP. How do I save my custom preferences for the tools? Scale Factors, Text Style, etc. How do I set the Reference Elevation to my own selection? How do I set a Control Point to my own selection? I'm sure it's all right in front of me somewhere but I'm not seeing it. This is nothing like Revit's "intelligent" elevation markers. But I am here using VW now for many reasons... Thanks.
  6. We use the CSI MasterFormat and have a similar concerns. I'm considering switching full time from Revit where we upload one .txt file and it would populate the keynotes for placement by Element in a plan view or a detail. I can't figure out how to easily add the 2,000+ CSI line items we use when calling out materials. No way are we manually entering all the CSI keynotes. This is what my prompt is in Revit after selecting and items and placing the leader. Does anyone have an idea about how to upload a full CSI list of notes? The Excel view is my source list of items that we export as .txt for Revit. Thanks.
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