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  1. Wyg has MVR now. I recommend going that route. From vector to wyg with MVR works pretty well. Haven't had to go the other way. Also, import layers as classes. Wyg truss is just grouped together pipes, which may be what is causing vector to take a long time to respond.
  2. Greetings Everyone. I am new to the VW world and have always used Wyg. I find myself struggling with getting quality renders to my client. All of my clients want realistic renders and that includes drawing the venues with as much detail as I can. For those of you that build shows this way for clients, are you only using spotlight, do you also use architect for building the venue? Spotlight doesn't seem to be as good for working with buildings, am I just missing something? Also, I would like to just use a blank, green surface for the screens and LED walls that I put into drawings, but spotlight wants me to do a texture and I have not been able to find a way to import a blank, green slide to use. Can someone point me to some video links to maybe help on this? This is how my renderworks are turning out and I am sure it is something I am missing. The truss shows up as blocks, the pipes on the drape show through. Just all around seems sloppy. Thank you.
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