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  1. We are a Golf Course Architecture firm and I bought VW Landmark about 4 years ago and I am really happy with the software. I want to stick with it but we are getting more and more complicated sites which means we have to complicated cut and fill plans as well as Grading plans. The DTM site modelling part of the program is dire. The only useful part of it for a GCA is the pad which is good for tees and lakes. I do not want to leave the program. Do any of you know an Earthworks program that can be used together or side by side of Vectorworks? I would prefer one that works on a MAC but would be willing to use a separate PC to just do my calculations. I spoke with AGTEK.com but they are looking at $14,500 for the program. I might just have to go down that route but I hope not as that is a lot of investment. Hope you can advise. Brian Phillips Vectorworks 12.5 Landmark MacBook Pro Intel Duo Mac OS X
  2. Katie, I just created a brand new document and it also printed in grey directly from the viewing area so I tried to print in a viewport and just the same happened. Brian.
  3. Sorry, VW 11.5 on XP to a Designjet 500 42" plotter. Cheers.
  4. Rob, I don't know much about the Space Planning side but I do use the terrain modelling in Landmark and it is very, very limited and in my opinion should not even be advertised in any brochure by Nemetschek. You cannot adjust the terrain with just contour adjustments and the cut and fill calculations are unstable. You can create terrain models in Architect the same as Landmark. Brian Phillips.
  5. For some reason I am now getting a gray background on all of my prints. I must have done something, somewhere but I have no idea where... Do any of you guys have any idea what setting I could have adjusted? Cheers, Brian Phillips
  6. Katie, How un-compatible is VW12 with the Intel Macs? Is there a list of tools etc that we should not use? Best regards, Brian Phillips Niblick Golf Design Norway
  7. We have designed a golf course on an island. I have traced the island from a dxf file so that I now have a closed polyline. It is filled with a colour and looks great on the screen but as soon as I print to the plotter or send it to Distiller the fill breaks up so that the fill only works acroos half the island. I have tried to simplify the shape of the island but to avail. Anyone have any ideas what I could be doing? Cheers, Brian Phillips Golf Course Architect
  8. I would rather have Jonathan helping on here with tips here and there with advertising than have no Jonathan at all. Keep up the good work. Brian
  9. I also did the same last year. I bought a used license which was mac, confirmed with the VW people that I could upgrade to windows person and now have VW11 Landmark after using AutoCAD for about two years. Soooo happy with the change!! Brian Phillips Golf Course Architect www.niblickgolfdesign.com XP
  10. The best way I know of printing the colour palette is as it says in the handbook: Tool>Utilities>Create Color Chart If desired select the Show color palette index numbers Scale up all the boxes to the size you want. I scaled mine up to a A0 sheet and hang it up on the wall next to me. jan15, I know you can mix colours (I do it in the gradient palette) but how do you transfer this to a palette file and where is the colour palette and how do you import this file to a working file? Cheers, Brian Phillips Golf Course Architect Niblick Golf Design Norway XP VW 11 Landmark
  11. Robert or anybody else, I am working on a project with 0.5 m contours lines (about 50) and create a model no problem from it. I then use the pad tool to adjust the contours to creat a proposed model and that works brilliantly. I get a huge problem when I ask the program to work out the cut and fill. The figures are up in the million cubic figures when really they should be down in the thousands. Is there anything that I could be doing wrong. I sent the files to my support company in Britain and he is struggling to make sense of it as well. I have also tried just scanning the drawing then recreating the contours just over one area to 'pad' and only used 2m contours and still the figure up in the millions. The size I am talking about for the small calculation is a soccer pitch which is 60m x 100m with a 5 metre fence put around it. The pad is working great but the cut and fill is a nightmare. Any ideas? Cheers, Brian Phillips M.Sc. Golf Course Architect www.niblickgolfdesign.com XP VW11 Landmark
  12. Robert, I have just realised what I have been doing wrong...sorry. The drawings are there when I open the resource browser. I had just been looking at what was open in layers. Sorry about that and thanks again. Will let you know how I get on adjusting the ones I am interested in.
  13. Robert, Sorry but I have only the two drawings that I mentioned. Should I install the the CD again? Is there any risk in doing that with my work already on my harddrive? Shall I send you a copy of the file that I have or could you send me another file by email? The file that I have is only 412 k in size does that sound right? Cheers, Brian.
  14. Robert, Thanks for that. There are only two titleblocks in the file. Arc A and Arc B which I suppose correspond to the vertical style and the horizontal style. There is a problem with the way you have suggested. The scaling for these titleblocks are for the amercian paper sizes are they not? If I changed the shape of Arc A and Arc B and then used them in my drawings for the normal European paper sizes is the scaling in the script not going to be wrong? Cheers, Brian. ps..I hope you can solve this as I really like the Issue manager.
  15. Katie, I use Windows XP on a Toshiba Laptop, 2.66 GHZ Pentium 4, 512 RAM. VW11 Landmark. No problems...and very happy changing from AutoCAD to VW11. Love the product apart from the image import and print problem I have that I still have not got around to emailing you yet. Cheers, Brian
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