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  1. Yes I was making sure it was in the active file. I always seem to find the answer I need after I post for some reason!


    I was able to edit it by going through the Modify, Hatch which then brings up the hatches in the file and am able to edit that way.  I am trying to edit a herringbone pattern. The length of the "tile" is correct now I have to figure out how to get the width correct as it is half the size I need.  Hatches are always so much fun to deal with, "not".  LOL

  2. I am trying to edit my hatch pattern and all I get when I right click on the pattern in the resource manager for the hatch in my file is the view as or sort by options.  Working in Vectorworks 2022.  How do I get the edit hatch dialog box?

  3. On 10/25/2018 at 1:11 PM, Ian M. said:

    I confess that I am new to the Resource Manager, having only just upgraded from 2013, but I have watched the video tutorial, have turned on every resource option in the Resource Manager, and I get a variety of Forbo linoleum samples, and a Johanson bar stool - no piano. Can you tell me exactly which resource folder it is in? 

    no piano.png

    I am looking for the upright piano and all I get is this same screen.  Can anyone help me out?

  4. Tom W that is what I am looking for.  I have been playing with the roof faces however having trouble making the roofs meet right.  Thanks all for the responses.  🙂

  5. Any updates for this topic for version 2022?  I have made a foundation layer that is set below the main layer and then added walls on this layer however that don't show up in my 3d view view port and I have the layer to show.  They show plan.

  6. Since there is a bug in Vectorworks 2022 and we have to make all objects solid in order to render hidden line, some windows are not showing in the solid wall.  How to fix this?  We have tried deleting the windows and reinserting them, not made them solid but they are not showing up.  Any help would be appreciated.

  7. On 3/16/2022 at 11:15 AM, MHBrown said:

    I managed to fix it by checking the "solid" fill box. Now, I should say, that ALL the shapes were already solid. The model was rendering just fine in other modes. I remember this problem with other versions of VW, so I tried it. It's sort of like kicking the shapes in the head and saying "hey, you're filled!" That, of course, does not fix the problem. I could send you the file, but now that it is working properly I don't think it would help. I should also add that the objects were not exotic shapes. One was a sweep, but the others were just extruded polygons. There were some closed polylines that didn't work and I converted them to polygons. Everything worked after the "Fill" booster shot. Thanks for the offer. I can still post the file if you'd like to see it.


    I am having the same problem in all views.  Changing items to solid fill corrects the problem.  I don't recall doing this in version 2021.

  8. The architect used to use a really old version (98 or older, can't remember exactly) and is being forced to upgrade. I am new to vectorworks and it is my job to help him transition to the newer version as well as drafting so I am learning the program as I go along.  I downloaded the files to work with in the new version.

  9. I am working with an architect remotely and we use drop box to share files.  When I get files from the drop box, I always get the attached message.  How do I fix this so I won't get the same message every time I open a file? 


  10. Thank you for the response! I was just using the Architect workspace and found the different stair tools under the Architect/BIM workspace.  I was able to make the stairs correctly however now I can't edit the handrail!  Always something.  🙂 What is the difference between the workspaces and why wouldn't the handrail edit like in the other stair mode?  So much to learn!

  11. Is it possible to angle a column to use as a decorative support?  I tried making a polygon in elevation view but it will not let me extrude it so I thought I could use a column but can't figure out how to angle it.


  12. How should I model an exterior concrete stair and landing where the concrete goes all the way down to the ground?  I modeled the stair using the stair feature however it angles the bottom of the stair like a stringer.  I thought about modeling it with the push/pull feature but am not sure how to do the sloped railing.

  13. Hello all,

      Newbie to Vectorworks here, using Vectorworks Architect 2021. Can someone tell me why the viewport is clipping off part of my model and how do I fix it?

    Looking forward to learning this program to it's fullest and interacting with you all.  :)


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