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  1. Actually, a friend do asking about this same issue as well, however He have a full purchased license of Vision but restricted to 7 at once instead of Unlimited? Is there any configuration for that ?
  2. OMG I see... Damn ;-; well thats sucks.. I was expecting more then just that awww ;-; But heyaa, thx for replying and let me know tho hehe πŸ™‚ I was wondering if Vision even cope with this πŸ˜†:
  3. Oh btw... Idk if anyone here aware yet.. (since this is actually a common issue as well with other PreViz software when you're new to it) But is there a way on how to configure the output signal for the lasers projector in vision? I know we could redirect the input using :Fixture Number: in Properties tab... but it seems only restrictive to 4 received signal only? (although I have change each of it to more then 4.. like 5,6,7,..+ etc) Is there a configuration tab (like in Realizzer or Depence2) they have some sort of tab to configure on how many lasers data stream that could be received by the previz software (in this case with Vision).. But by far I don't see it in anywhere on Vision? Did I miss something? or this is because I'm using Educational License which is restricted? 2022-04-05 10-48-30.mp4
  4. Well, there always been a word called "request"... Have you actually requested them for this certain criteria on your specific software use officially? like sending an email n such? if so, have they respond it to you? etc... And also, as I have said before those are Depending on where you live. Some region do had their software become dominant then the others I admit that, but back again they might seeing it for majority global use rn πŸ™‚ So, it's your choice tho... feel free for it hehe, No one is holding a hostage here (●'β—‘'●)
  5. Well we shall see... as I mentioned earlier, others could be added ASAP if there is a demand for that... Maybe VW don't see any demand to pretty much on others to done anything like it... Thus, again, Majority of Lasers Industry, I could assure to you over 90% of it are currently using Pangolin product.. and what lasers company these day thus their system doesn't integrated vertically πŸ˜‚.. That's why.. But again... this doesn't close any possibility for future implementation as there will be always a thing called partnership πŸ˜‰
  6. Interactive lasers content may not be in my priority anyway, but for sure.. this could be done in Beyond on itself by any basic sensory movement eh.. such X-Box Kinect connection
  7. Wrong! I agree to disagree. Beyond support major industry protocols, and this include Touch Designer on itself in the first place. You can simply utilized a connection within it as many as others modern lasers software and that feature do already exist since the early days of Beyond release (where it's not really as popular as it is rn). And all this is backing up to your original preference obviously. Yes I might be a prefab Lasers Software users, but still. I could literally make such content within it, in a way more then anything... compare on what TD can do πŸ™‚ also what's your based saying : Although yes, they both are the US company, I don't judge! But I don't see it like it would brought any issue or whatsoever πŸ˜›
  8. well, what can I say... Others, obviously could follow later on... I honestly think Pangolin as a partner in first place is a very right choice for VW as they're the only renowned lasers company that oversees in global lasers community and general lasershow users market rn.. And No! Pangolin is not in US only, it's in fact literally around the globe tbh... Also not to mentioned that you could do really cool things as for their new Z-Axis focusing system atm.. (aka #BeamBrush if you don't know it) which simply.. a witchcraft that you simply cannot get from others 😏😁 But I personally not sure yet as if Vision do already implement this feature yet (or maybe in future updates?).. (Big question that I want to ask in the upcoming webinar) I know, there maybe a flaws as.. no software is ever built to such perfect. But for me personally as a long user of Pangolin Software, they're pretty much on check marks in most what we need and respectively to all laserist too πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„
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