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  1. It would be very useful if landmark plant placement tool allowed the user to either define the slope of the ground being planting on and compensated by increasing plant numbers appropriately; or at least allow both X,Y spacing to be defined so this can be done manually. An issue arises where using the planting tool to place plants on a plan view of steep slopes can lead to significant errors in plant number caluculation. This is because a significant difference may exist between the plan view area depicted and actual surface area it represents. There appears to be no way to compensate for this within the programme and I find myself relying on manually calculating compensatory plant spacing to give the right answer. To give an idea of the problem, a 100 sq. m, slope (measured in plan view) representing 45 degree slope has an "actual" surface area of approx. 141 sq m. This would mean that 41% more plants (at 1m spacing)are required to be shown in the plant schedule to fill this space. The maths is relativly simple. Using trigonometry, the hypotenuse side of a right angle triangle (c.f. the actual surface lenght/area of the land) is longer than its adjacent side (i.e. plan view of the same). The greater the slope, the the greater the difference between these two lenghts (until 90 degrees is reached and the triangle is no more. Cos(angle)=adjacent/hypotenues.
  2. I have had problems installing the VW 11.5 update to a Windows XP workstation on a novell network. I have installed the VW 11.5 programme (clean install from CD) with the network connection off, norton antivirus off and the windows xp firewall off. The following error message occurs upon startup: "VectorWorks Application has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." If I start the programme with the network connection switched off, it works ok. If I start the programme with the network connection switched on, it crashes at startup and the above message appears. System Specs are as follow: Workstation = HP Workstation XW4200 Intel P4 2.8GHz, 1GB RAM, XP Pro Service Pack 2, . Network = Novell 4.11


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