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  1. Hey, Attaching two images - first before IFC export, second after IFC export (imported back to Vectorworks). Some glass has remained transparent (window-in-wall objects, extrudes in group). Some glass has tuned opaque (1. extrude, 2. wall object, 3. wall object). How do I ensure all glass remains transparent?
  2. Thanks for the input! Another odd thing: when my colleague opens the same file in his computer, these errors don't happen. He has the same computer with same specs, same version of Vectorworks, both updated.
  3. Hey! Does anybody have input on two issues I came across recently? All help very welcome. 1. Window In Wall rotating in IFC export All Window In Wall objects in my file show up rotated after IFC export. Attaching screenshots. Before export - windows fit as they should: After IFC export & import back to Vectorworks - windows rotated: It seems like the glass is where it should be, but the frames have rotated 90 degrees. 2. Hovering lines attached to Wall objects What are also puzzling - lines hovering over certain walls. After IFC export they show up, grouped together with some Wall objects.
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