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  1. Hi Nikolay, I'm not sure what you mean about the drawback - on the PRH sheet, the Issue order has the most recent on the right, and the copies follow this in columns below. I don't know why the text kept clearing - I wasn't actually updating, it was just disappearing each time I added a new issue. I think it might have had something to do with amendments I made to the Project Revision worksheet?, I deleted several blank rows for the sheets as I only had 10 drawings, I also deleted several rows of the distribution table.Is there a certain way this should be done? After playing around with no success, I deleted both the PRH and PIH worksheets from the resource manager and re-created them again through the Title Block Manager. I didnt try deleting any rows or making any adjustments to the tables in the worksheet. This seems to have fixed the problem of disappearing text. Thanks for your help.
  2. This is an example of a test worksheet I am playing around with . I am using the Project Revision History worksheet and see that there are is a "Distribution" table and fields for "name" "company" and "copies" are these fields automatically filled in some way, or are they intended to be used manually? So far I have tried to use them manually, however when a new revision is added, I loose the "names" and "copies" (the fields go blank) which I would normally expect to stay as a record of which revision has been sent to each person. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this.
  3. Great thanks I will try these suggestions!
  4. After reading this advice, I have created a corner window symbol and have inserted in the wall, however, VW does not recognise the corner as one wall, so have ended up with this situation - was wondering if there are any suggestions on how to do this - should I look at creating a seperate cutout symbol for the other wall or is there something I have missed in making the walls continuous?
  5. I tried this and it worked well for what I needed - simple building elevations at 1:100 scale for local a authority approval
  6. Yes that is the answer- I have turned off WD-Ceiling class - thankyou!
  7. I have No Sill and 2D: None selected,. The door is a single hinged door in an internal brick wall
  8. I have a similar question to this, however its the opposite problem -I cant get rid of my door sill - I have a standard door in a wall and even though there is no sill showing in 3D, there are still 2 lines (which correspond to wall line) showing on the top/plan view. I have selected "no threshhold" in Form and the preview shows the top/plan view with no lines. I have also selected "no sill" in settings and put the detail level to "low" in the detail settings. Am I missing a step here?
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