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  1. Naming pdf's one by one is fine for small sets, but when I have hundreds of drawings to make pdfs of for print sets, this can take half a day. It would be so much simpler if a batch pdf process could make pdfs and use the sheet name for each pdf automaticlly. It is unfortunate that nemetschek doesn't realize the potential of such a batch pdf utility, especially since VW 12 can export pdfs using quartz technology in the mac environment.
  2. Are you using a mac? I should have made that clearer. I'm using mac OSX 10.4.3. I used to use a PC and have used the batch print using distiller before, but I don't believe you can do that with a mac.
  3. Is there still no way of batch creating pdfs from sheet layers in the new vectorworks 12? [ 11-09-2005, 06:11 PM: Message edited by: Andrew Weyrauch ]
  4. Printing as raster doesn't produce the same quality of linework. This shouldn't be my only option. I saved a postscript file from vectorworks using the printer driver and it produced a 6.5mb file. Also, we have found that printing a file from VW10 works fine, but the same file doesn't print from VW11 when imported. This may indeed be a printer memory problem, but I believe something within VW11 is causing it. Is there a way to really check this?
  5. The printer has 512mb of memory. The files we are trying to print are a fraction of that. Also, printing from the preview does work. Would this not be the same size file?
  6. I am running VW 11 on OSx 10.3.5 About half of my files send a 0/0 pages to our Xerox Workcentre and our HP LaserJet 4V if I print directly from VectorWorks. If I select the "rasterize print output" from the vectorworks print setting, I get a print. Printing from every other application works fine, including printing from a preview of the drawing. From all this, I am presuming that there is a postscript printing problem in vectorworks. Has anybody seen this, or know of a solution?


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