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  1. Jim - My title block does start out as a 1:1 separate file, referenced into my drawings. Upon export, it gets bundled together into one file, and does not stay separate as an ACED XREF. Alan
  2. Garry - I did a quick test file, and tried to map line weights as you suggested. When exporting, I did not get the dialog you mentioned that would allow me to assign the DWG index colors to my line thicknesses. Regarding the title block, I have been using a 1:1 scale referenced title block for a while now. However, I have been unable to figure out how to get the referenced file to export as a separate file. I am beginning to suspect that VW Fundamentals is unable to accomplish these simple tasks.
  3. A newer client of mine is having trouble with the DWG files I have been providing. My typical workflow consists of: 1. Receive floorplan backgrounds from the architect (99.9% of the time in AutoCad format) 2. Import with VectorWorks, proceed with my portion of the work 3. Print to PDF 4. Export DWG 5. provide PDF and DWG to my client I received the following email from the client's Cad guy, informing me of some issues with my files: "You can help me out by using some of these simple standards for your drawings for ICS. Your drawings are fine but it takes me longer to make them "office ready". Here are a few simple standards that will help me out alot. 1. Use only index colors. True colors don't work well with our standard plotter configurations. 2. We only use 4 colors to control pen width. Don't use line weight by layer. a) green(3) - boldest. We like to use this color for devices so they stand out. b) white(7) - next boldest - larger text ( I know with true type fonts it doesn't really make any difference) c) red(1)- next boldest. Usually for wire, addresses, cd rating etc d) all background (floor plan, rcp, architectural etc. needs to be color 8 color 8 on our plotter config is 60% screened and helps make the fire alarm system stand out. 3, Also, could you xref the title blocks into Paper Space. Much easier for me since I only have to edit tblock info once. I have included the sheet info block in the email. This is only the sheet name, drawing name etc. (FA-1.0 etc.) the fields take on the name of the drawing tab and drawing file name." I also just received a call from the project manager, informing me that if I can't get this figured out, he won't be able to continue to give me work. I really can't afford to lose this client, since they have been providing me with tons of work. Without completely dumbing down my drawings (or abandoning VW, and investing a huge amount of time and $$ in order to obtain and learn AutoCad), what can I do to make things more usable on their end? Can I do what he is asking with VW Fundamentals? Or do I need to upgrade to Architect or Designer? Or downgrade to AutoCad? Thanks for any input. Alan Eby Draft Tech Design MacBook Pro 15" 2.4GHz Intel Core i7 Mac OS 10.7.4 Lion VW Fundamentals 2012 SP4
  4. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be compatible with VW 2012. It ends up crashing VectorWorks. Alan Eby Draft Tech Design MacBook Pro 15" 2.4GHz Intel Core i7 Mac OS 10.7.4 Lion VW Fundamentals 2012 SP4
  5. While that sounds perfectly reasonable, it does not work as advertised. I get one file, with everything jumbled on one layer.
  6. I have my drawing package split into several files, using a common Referenced title block for all of the drawing sheets. When I export to DWG for my client, the title block is combined/bound to each individual sheet. I need the Referenced file to remain separate, as a reference (XREF) for my client. Is there a setting or preference somewhere that I am missing? Thanks. Alan Eby Draft Tech Design MacBook Pro 15" 2.4GHz Intel Core i7 Mac OS 10.7.4 Lion VW Fundamentals 2012 SP4
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I have been repairing permissions weekly... I will update my script to do this daily and see if that helps. I have not done much printing from VW, but will keep you suggestion in mind when the time comes.
  8. Up until recently I have been doing the majority of my work in MiniCad 7.0.3, OS 9.2.2. Now that I've got OS X running, I am beginning to move from OS 9 to X. I have not used VW 9 much, other than for importing Autocad files, then exporting back to Minicad. Recently I have been trying to spend more time in VectorWorks, but it really seems quite a bit slower than MiniCad, and is causing frustration. 99% of what I do is 2D. I do quite a bit of moving around the drawing - selecting, editing, deleting, etc. In MiniCad, it is fairly instantaneous. With VW, there is a slight delay. I cannot select multiple items in quick succession. When I pan the drawing, it moves jerkily across the screen. trying to drag-select is a nightmare. Any ideas? (and please don't say that I need to upgrade to VW 10). VectorWorks 9.5.2 OS 10.2.8 G4/1.25GHz
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