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  1. How do you make the Instrument Insertion tool the default symbol insertion tool rather than the 2D insertion tool? That would save a lot of headache right now.
  2. OK. I feel like a dork. That was it. Thanks, Bryan
  3. I installed 11.5 and everything seemed ok until I realized the spotlight plugin/file menu wasn't there! I did do an uninstall of earlier versions (9, 10) after installing 11.5, fyi. When the program loads, Spotlight is listed in the boot process. Alas, still no menu. I looked for it in various plugin folders but I don't know what is what. Is there an easy way to get it back? Thanks, Bryan
  4. I have some fixture symbols that are only 3d symbols. I can assign a label to them from the label legend, but as soon as I do so, the symbol disappears. The only thing visible at that point is the label itself. Please tell me there's a way to assign a label legend to a 3d lighting fixture only, rather than needing a 2d/hybrid symbol? Thanks kindly, Bryan
  5. Is is possible to drop fixtures into a plot along an arc while at the same time aligning them to the arc? Or, is there a way to align/distribute fixtures to an arc after they are already drawn? I'm using spotlight 11. Thanks, Bryan
  6. For a long time I've been trying to figure out how to rake a truss in 3d. I am able to do it by converting the truss (or any other objects for that matter) to a group and using the 2d rotate tool. It might have to do with my incomplete understanding of working planes. I would like to select a truss (for example), switch to Right View, take a rotate tool and lift up the DS part of the truss to create a rake. It is not at ALL this simple unless I am really missing something. I would have no problem converting to a group each time to do this but I lose all truss info and then coverting back seems near impossible. Please help. Thanks! Bryan
  7. sorry my mistake, it is 9 mb, not 20mb. I was looking at different file. I will email it off.
  8. I installed xp sp 2 (still not sure it was a wise thing to do, unfortunately) and since the program has crashed many times - C++ runtime error. The file is 20mb and not terribly intricate. No 3d. Just curious... Second issue: Somehow the particular file I'm developing now has serious issues with Label Legends. I created one in the early stages of the drawing. After a while and a lot more details added, here's what's happening - -Label legend can be created from the legend manager. after choosing a field and then choosing "edit layout", the layout screen appears but the the fields are not listed. I did make sure the classes are there and selected per individual field, but that didn't change anything. Also, for however many number of fields chosen, when the layout screen appears, the program beeps that many times. Very strage. I'm able to type in "unit number" and place it by the symbol, but once refreshing a light assigned to that legend the field is in a completely different place. I've gone to other documents and new documents and the lable legend works fine. VW tech support: please let me know if i can email my file to you if it can help things. Cheers, Bryan


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