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  1. I know what you are talking about and I have already done it and it works only when you choose a standard line thickness. If you choose a line thickness from the set thickness menu it won't work. give it a try. I am thinking it is a bug.
  2. I am trying to set my dimension class to have line thinkness of 3mil and for some reason it wont' take anything but the standard thicknesses. so if i pick 5mils it is ok but 3 wont' work. unless I go and pick my dimension one by one and fix them. I am on VW08 with SP3. Is anyone else having this problem and how can I fix it please.
  3. RAFA

    Layer Options

    I am trying to add the layer options menu with the small plus sign to my right mouse click and it won't do it, everytime I try it adds all my options rather than giving me the option of a sub menu like the class options. Does anyone know how to fix this or is it a VW2008. I am on VW2008 SP2.2. Rafa
  4. RAFA

    Linking Files

    in plain english please jonathan?
  5. RAFA

    Linking Files

    Is there a way of linking a file to another one like I am doing this job now where I am doing half of the plans and someone else in our office doing the other half, so I need to link both files so when I make a change on my copy the other one changes accordingly? is this possible? I am working on VW 12.5.1 on a PC.
  6. RAFA

    Layer Opacity

    Thank you Katie, I found it and it works, thanks so much for your help.
  7. RAFA

    Layer Opacity

    Thank you for your reply Katie, but I am afraid I can't find the Layer Overlay option anywhere? I tried to add it to my workspace but it is not in my menue. Can you shed more light on this please.
  8. I finally managed to get it to work, thanks for all your help guys.
  9. RAFA

    Layer Opacity

    Ouch, that was harsh mate, but thanks anyway for your help, I don'e see myself working on a mac in future but Win. will catch up soon I hope.
  10. waw, it does work, I just tried it, thank you guys.
  11. RAFA

    Layer Opacity

    Thanks Ray, I have been told by someone else too that it is just for MAC. but I just couldn't belive it. This is unbelievable.
  12. Sorry about that it is actually an ozcad ad-on, it is called select similar but looks like the magic wand in Photoshop CS. I have been to the supplier support and still waiting to hear from them.
  13. I am having trouble creating a PDf book, it would be really nice if we can click on our batch print and create a PDF book rather than seperate pages and then I have to go into adobe to make the book, when you have a big project or even a small one like 15 - 20 pages it is time consuming.
  14. RAFA

    Layer Opacity

    Has anyone used the layer Opacity yet? in VW12 or 12.5 or 12.5.1? I can't seem to find it on my layer window options. I am on a PC machine, any suggestions???
  15. It is not a special ad-on, it is a regular VW ad-on, and I have posted my problem to our supplier, still no reply yet.
  16. We have just upgraded to 12.5.1 and since we did that I can't get my select similar tool to work i tried everything, i even grabbed an old one from VW11 and added it but still doesn't work. I spoke to someone else last week who have upgraded like us and theirs is working perfectly but they use MAC. while we use PC's Is anyone else having this problem and / or know how to fix it.
  17. RAFA

    Select similar

    we have upgraded to VW 12.5.1 last week and I have noticed that the Select Similar tool is not working " aka magic wand ", I tried to add it again to the workspace but it comes with a message saying ( this is no longer part of VW ) has anyone had this problem too?
  18. We just updated to VW12 and I found out that the (Sheet layer setup) and (batch print dialog) is not working in vw12. can someone please advise on how to get over this problem. To be more specific, I want to be able to change all my sheet layer setup in one hit rather than having to go to each sheet indivisually. rafa
  19. everything render sketch even trees , I tried in the last project I did and they looked really cool. Rafa
  20. i usually wait untill i have done all the interior items because the floor keeps getting in my way, i guess i can always turn its class off. just a thought [ 12-09-2004, 08:08 PM: Message edited by: RAFA ]
  21. I think batch print has many more problems beside this, like having to change the print setup for every single sheet rather than just doing it once, I sometimes have projects with 18 or 20 pages and I have to go and change the printer to every single one when I want to use a color printer or when I want to print extra copies. Can someone please do something about it. rafa
  22. RAFA


    I usually create my own hatches , there is this manual by Jonathan Pickup and it explains to you how to do this with some very good exercises. it would be so hard to explian it to you, he shows you how you can create your own texures. otherwise, i sometimes use a pattern. rafa [ 10-13-2004, 04:37 PM: Message edited by: Rafa Rawof ]
  23. RAFA

    units rounding

    I don't think changing from imperial to metric was the issue, the only 2 places where u can change dimensions precision is the FILE - SETUP-DOCUMENT SETUP and then just change the units to whatever you want the precision to the nearest 1, that should cover all your units as for dimension values you go PAGE- UNITS- and just teh precision to 1 and MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE DIMENSIONS OBJECT (PRIMARY) on the SET UNITS FOR : this usually does it for me. the only thing left for you to do is to change each dimension in the object info pallette. rafa
  24. RAFA

    units rounding

    I just read your question and I don't know if you have solved your problem or now but the solution is to go to page - and then UNITS and then change the precision to 1 instead of .1 and then you have to change the general display to dimensions (primary) unless u do that it won't change, I had the same problem once . hope I was of help cheers rafa [ 10-06-2004, 08:58 PM: Message edited by: Rafa Rawof ]
  25. you have to create your own custom dimention and to do that you need to go file, preferences, document preferences, dimension, and then custom and from there you either create NEW or just pick one of the CUSTOM ones and go edit and you will c it all in the next window. now this will let you edit everything except for the text size and line thickness and text offset for this you need to go to file, preferences and then SET DIMENSION TOOL PREFERENCES. and in there you can only change 3 things: text offset, line thickness and text size, hope this solves your problem. rafa


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