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  1. Hi all- I found some hatches from a free VW utilities site that are just fantastic- I can open, view, and edit them- however, I would like to import those hatches into my default hatch list, like when I create a new document, they are already there. Is that possible? I am running VW 9.5, on a PC. Eric
  2. How do I import the hatches though? Thats the part that I am confused on. If I copy/paste objects with the hatch in, they get a bif screwed up- they dont quite look the same. Might be a different problem though. I will play with it and see what I can do. Thanks, again, for the great tips Jonathon! Eric
  3. Hold the fort- you have mouse wheel zooming capability? Is that a VW11 feature... I am on 9.5 - I am an autocad transferee... if I could get my mouse wheel zooming back, I would just be tickled pink. Er... happy. Tagging along to see what becomes of this- I am also looking into vw11 within a few months as well, and I use a logitech 900 bluetooth mouse (PC guy) Eric
  4. quote: Originally posted by Katie: Go to the Page menu and select Set Print Area. What is selected in the drop down nox? -- ASME D 34x22 Show page breaks- checked -- quote: Now go to File>Page Setup (print setup). What page size do you have selected? Page size is 8.5x11, standard. The only thing that changes things is if I check the "print patterns at on screen resolution" - it helps the patterns, but the scale is still off. I am certain this is probably something dumb I am either doing, or supposed to be doing and am not. Thanks for taking the time to help out Katie- Eric
  5. Hi Katie- Sorry I didnt provide the above before. VW version 9.5.2, PC version Windows XP Pro Printer(s) Canon i80 HP 1115 photosmart Both printers have the same scaling and pattern res problem, leading me to think something is up with VW. The print preview pic chops up the pic correctly - but more than what is in any one section is printed for that section. Eric
  6. Hi all- I cant quite get my brain around this one, thought I would put it to you experts- I only have an 8x11 regular inkjet printer for checking proofs, prior to shipping files to the big printshop. When I go to print, its only one page or section at a time. What I tell VW to print- and what comes out- are two different things. I have the printing cut/grid display up, and I am getting more on a page than it shows- its also not following my 1/4" scale (makes things smaller) and, patterns and hatches are coming out at a far higher resolution- for instance, I have a tile floor that is maybe 12 squares by 10, but when it prints, there are twice as many squares in the same area. I looked around in print setup, I dont see anything that makes sense to change. One thing I did figure out- if I check "print patterns at on screen resolution" the patterns get better- ie not as high resolution- but still arent what is displayed on my screen. The scale problem still exists, however. Bear in mind I am still stuck on VW9... have to convince my boss to pony up for the newer version at some point! It looks great. My kingdom for some viewports... Take care all, happy holidays, and thanks in advance for any ideas. Eric [ 12-27-2004, 11:34 AM: Message edited by: EricT_Draftsman ]
  7. Jonathon took care of me - what a guy! Thanks a ton Jonathon!!! Eric
  8. Ergh, no success on version 9 having the eyedropper tool retain/transfer cavity information. In the eyedropper options dialogue, including cavity info aint listed. Ah well! More wear and tear for my ctrl and C keys... hehehe Eric
  9. Hi all- Everyone answered in my old thread so well, I thought it might be better to seperate this topic out anew. I am seeking- any training manuals or CDs, used is just fine, for VW version 9. Using ver9.5 actually, but you get the idea. Got some older manuals you would rather have some money for instead? Hit me up! Post here with your email and I will reply post-haste. I would really prefer Jonathons manuals from Archon, alas, he is all out of the old and they will not be printed again. Thanks! Eric
  10. Thanks Mike! I just popped off an email to Jonathon at ArchonCad. I will search for the others, thanks. Wish I didnt have to run the older version, but its a good place to start- since I have to! Eric Edit- Since I got such great suggestions concerning the wall tool here, I decided to split my request for older training manuals into a different thread. Thanks for the help here guys! Eric [ 12-21-2004, 10:35 PM: Message edited by: EricT_Draftsman ]
  11. Ooh... eyedropper tool... Since all the wall types I will use, project to project, will be different, I think thats going to be the way to go. Very cool advice. I am also still looking for that training manual, I will search for it too though. Thanks, the rapid reply's and outpouring of help are fantastic. Eric
  12. Thanks Peter- That should help. I am playing copy and paste now, I will check out that tool tonight. You are correct- I am just using the plain wall tool. More investigation tonight will help me sort out what other options I have. To anyone else- still interested in training tools, books or CD, preferably with tutorials. Eric
  13. Hi all! Yet another Autocad 2002 user strolls in, now using VW... Actually, I got a great job opp here, the caveat being to learn the VW package to do it. Which I am coming along well enough, but any materials for learning would be appreciated. I thought I read here awhile back of some book, around 100$, that went over all the VW functionality, plus drawing strategy- not how to use the tools, but when and why. Someone here sells it I think? Any info on that would be spectacular. On to my specific question- The arch I am working for wants all of the layers of wall- IE drywall, studs, foam insulate, stucco- represented and drawn in one fell swoop. So I built a wall with offset cavities that looks perfect. The problem- reproducing it. If I use the wall tool again, it doesnt retain my cavity setup. All I have left at my disposal is cut paste and join, which seems a bit excessive- but if necessary, not a problem. Just curious if I can assign cavity info to a class (IE wall subclass) and have it stick every time. Bear in mind... I am working on PC version 9.5, the architect I am doing the drafting for is workin on a mac, using version 8. I will try to talk him into upgrading to 11 all around later, but thats a big step. One thing at a time... Also- great to be here. Great place to learn! Eric [ 12-21-2004, 04:16 PM: Message edited by: EricT_Draftsman ]
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