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  1. Ok..so, have finally gotten the computer to recognize the dongle...thanks to an hour phone call with Microsoft. As for blaming SP2, Microsoft said they find it suprising this issue is only now cropping up since the beta version was available for software providers to test for more than 1 year. So, anyway you cut it, this is a problem for Vectorworks..and I hope you appreciate that it makes your software unuseable and that this type of snafu is a potential PR coup for your competitors. In addition, telling us to wait patiently is unacceptable in light of Microsoft's comments.
  2. Ok...so I've followed the advice you emailed me Katie, and then had to call technical support to correct the problem...they then told me to reinstall sp2..which I did. And still the dongle does not work. Are you guys ever going to provide an answer or should I consider this a total loss and upgrade to AutoCad?
  3. Hi, Katie. I havbe downloaded the dongle id utility and it doesn't not show a dongle being attached, despite the dongle being lit up and plugged into usb port. And yes, I am logged on as computer administrator. Can you direct me to the correct driver for this as the dongle appears in the device manager with a question mark over it.
  4. Katie, yes the doggle light is on. I have called and spoken with technical support in UK (as they were the only place I could find answering their phone) and have also spoken with Aladdin, and still no luck. Can you please tell me what the problem is?
  5. I have just installed Vectorworks 10.1 on my new computer (running Windows XP Home) and when I launch Vectorworks, it tells me no dongle is attached and the program will shut, despite the fact the dongle is attached and working. I have used this program on another machine with XP for some time without a problem. I can't figure out what is wrong, and despite loading all the drivers discussed here, still can't get it to work. The dongle is fine (lights up and all) and Aladdin hasn't been any help at all...in fact their tech support pointed me back to you. Can you please help? I have sold the old computer and need this program working ASAP as my livelihood depends on my being able to access previous drawings.
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