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  1. Hi, Am I able to change the Application resolution to default to 72 dpi when printing? Mine defaults to 300 and I need to change it more often than not to keep PDF file sizes small. Thanks, Sam
  2. Hi Pat, Yes that's exactly what happened. I should know better than to import an active DWG. I ended up going to the back-up and then copied the layers over and set these back to 0,0. This was easier due to the 149 viewports and only two layers. Thanks again for your help. Sam
  3. Hi Pat, Thank you for this. I did this from both OIP and Organization see attached. All classes and layers on on both and still see nothing. Like I said I have had this problem before and cannot remember how I resolved it. A few things: I can see NEW viewports if I create them All viewports are on "none" class (Lazily) I imported a few DWG faucet/tap supplier files directly into the drawing and they had viewports and I'm wondering if this somehow modified the properties of the other None of the other drawings I have open are affected It may just be easier to redo the 165 viewports. Sam
  4. Hi Everyone, This is a basic question - I know as I've asked before and completely forgotten how to fix it. See attached the issue with my viewport not displaying content and the Layer Options stuck on Active Layer greyed out, so unable to be modified. I know I need to unlock this somehow but can't remember how. Thanks for your help!
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