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  1. Thank you @line-weight and @Tom W.! Will try it today. Best wishes, jt
  2. Hi, I am beginner, so please help. Would like to create 3d object: ascending embankment, from 0 to 3 meters. Problems are it is straight in the beginning and then turning left, so two sides are of different length (7.2 m of difference); width of the embankment is also changing (from 3.1 to 5 m). So when I used "extrude" and then "tapper face" tool, in result the beginning of the embankment looks like in pictures below (0.48 m of difference in level between left and right border). I guess it is because of the irregular shape of embankment. Is there any way to nivelate it? Or should I convert it to NURBS? Would appreciate your help!
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