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  1. Does anyone else have a problem with VW 12.5 files just dissappearing. Within our office we have a number of issues with files being created and saved on a server. The VW file can be see in its correct location but when you double click on it to open it, the file completely dissappears and has to be resored from the backup tape. This is OK if the file has been backed up overnight. If it happens within the same working day, hours of work can be lost. Any hints, tips or suggestions would be welcomed.
  2. I'll have a look at those. Thanks very much.
  3. Does anyone know of any software that will simulate vehicle tracking through a site layout that works within Vectorworks or produced a Plug-in that will do the following, as with a product called TURN LSP. ----When you need to model a vehicle weaving through a site, a roundabout, or another geometric feature, you need a vehicle tracking program like TURN.LSP follows the polyline front wheel path of a turning/weaving vehicle and draws a polyline along the theoretical rear wheel path of the vehicle in AutoCAD. I would be very interested to know if anyone has knowledge of this as it could be a very usefull tool to anyone involved in the Architectural/Urban Design field.
  4. Sorry had a meeting to get to. You are right. I shouldn't be so lazy. Just looking for short cuts to save a few minutes here and there.
  5. Not really what I am after. All I want to do is, if I see a nice colour with a line thickness and a colour that I like. Make a class of it and name it quickly.
  6. Dexie

    Zig-Zag line

    Pehaps I sould post this on the Wish List.
  7. Is there an easy way to select an object eg. a polygon with a lineweight,colour and fill and create a class in one easy step. Rather than doing it through Create Classes and memorising the attributes. I'm sure I've seen a script but cannot find it.
  8. Dexie

    Zig-Zag line

    I really wanted it to follow a curved path to produce graphic representation along a site boundary to represent e.g. boundary in poor repair.
  9. Does anyone know of a nifty way of creating a Zig-Zag polyline. I'm sure everyone has needed one at some time or other. I usually get by with creating a symbol and run it along a polyline. It would be nice to be able to control the frequency and amplitude of the line with a simple dialogue box.
  10. It worked. The drinks are on me. Thanks to one an all for all the useful tips and suggestions.
  11. I've opened the data in excel and exported as tab delimited text. I have got further than before since VW has accepted the text file with no error message. The are 65,500 lines of data so it is working through it I hape will keep you updated as to the result.
  12. Does anyone know whether this DTM text data can be imported in some other way. Via a vectorscript or worksheet etc.
  13. The whole file a little large at 3.2Mb
  14. What a response. Works like a dream. Thanks very much.
  15. I've trid the same text file on one of our PC and it seems to be working. The Mac is picking up something fro the TextEdit document that it shouldn't. Simple text doesn't seem to be available.
  16. I'm using a G5 Powermac VW 12.0.1. I've tried again with the 14 lines of data and it comes up with "bad data line 2" . This time data does appear in the <Line> data box but data in addition to the coordinates appers. eg. {\rtfl\mac in Line 1 {\fontfbl\f0\fswiss in Line 2 not until line 8 does the coordinate data kick in. This text does not appear in the text document imported it appears to be invisible coding or something.
  17. The first two numbers on each line are grid coordinates and the third is the height value which can vary.
  18. No nothing appears in the drawing. If I select AEC > Survey Input > Import survey file,... bowse to the text document. Data from selected file.< Line 1 > should enable me scroll through the data I think. But no data appears. I have chosen the Field separator as , (coma) but nothing happens. I am confused.
  19. I have been using this script for some time, it a prefix of OS- in front of all Classes in a drawing and it is used on Ordnance Survey Maps. I would like to modify it to rename only those classes that begin with G80. This is so that I can prefix Ordnance Survey Classes in a drawing that contains many other classes already added to the drawing. This is the vectrscrip as it stands:- Procedure RenameClasses; VAR ClassName,NewName:STRING; i: INTEGER; BEGIN i:=1; REPEAT ClassName:= ClassList(i); NewName:= Concat( 'OS-',ClassName ); RenameClass ( ClassName, NewName ); i:=i+1; UNTIL i = (ClassNum+1); Sysbeep; AlrtDialog('Renaming classes is complete!'); END; Run (RenameClasses); I am not experienced in vectorscript so any help would be much appreciated.
  20. I have been sent survey data in the form of a text file but cannot import it into a VW blank drawing sheet the data looks like - 472340,262560,84 472340,262570,84 472340,262580,84 472340,262590,84 472340,262600,84 472340,262610,84 472340,262620,84 472340,262630,86 472340,262640,86 472340,262650,86 472340,262660,86 472340,262670,86 472340,262680,86 472340,262690,86 Can anyone advise me on how to to do this. I have followed the import survey data instuctions and used coma separated text option but nothing happens. Thank you in advance.
  21. Is there any way of matching the combination of visible classes/layers from one viewport within a sheet to another viewport within the same sheet. It is useful when creating small viewports for a key/legend block on a plan. If a plan is modified and layers/classes added or removed each of the key block viewports have to be manually updated. It would be nice to just update one and then match properties to all others.
  22. It seems that we may have to consider replacing the PC's as we can now produce subtle transparent effect between layers on the Macintosh platform. This is a vast improvement over the 'Overlay' option prviously available on both platforms. We can produce any symbol on a transparent layer say 40% transparency which reaveals information on lower layers to show through. This has taken presentation drawings to a higher level.
  23. My company is running Vectorworks Landmark on 4 Macs and 4 PC?s; the Macs are able to create effective transparency effects while the PC's aren't. This creates an incompatibility between the platforms. Are there any plans to make transparency available to the PC's or is this an inherent weakness of the operating system.
  24. I am using a G5 Mac OSX10.3.6 and have just installed Microsoft Office 2004. If I open Entourage at the same time as Vectorworks the pan tool using the space bar becomes dissabled . Has anyone else noticed the same problem?
  25. Are there any plans to support the new emerging Ordnance Survey Mapping (United Kingdom) standard which I believe is being Phase in at the moment and will eventually superseed the current .dxf and dwg standard. Below is an extract for the Ordnnance Survey outlining some main features. OS?MasterMap has set a new standard in our mapping information. Based on the National Grid, with detailed topographical information and every building, road, phone box or landmark mapped out. OS?MasterMap currently contains four layers ? each made up of various mapping features. Each feature has its own unique identifier or TOID. Each TOID consists of a unique 16?digit reference number so you can share this precise referencing in business. Such clear communication of locations will minimise the risk of misunderstanding. This is advanced mapping ? making OS?MasterMap data more comprehensive and easier to classify and understand, while frequent updates reflect the landscape changes plainly on the map. The ability to overlay OS?MasterMap with your own data or third party information helps to put your own area of operation into context, and OS?MasterMap's unique polygon structure closely represents real?world information. http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/products/osmastermap/
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