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  1. Try using the parking along path tool and set the parking space to the size of the brick. I have used this to create curved brick lintels.
  2. Just had the same problem. I had to convert polylines to polygons for them to export. Also export seems to create symbols and groups objects from separate layers which is strange. Any ideas.
  3. I'm having problems importing Geo-referenced OS Aerial Photos into VW 2015. In 2014 there was no problem. Now when I referenced in the aerial photo it not coincide with the OS mapping data. If I import the aerial photo into a blank document it does come in at the correct coordinates. I can then copy and paste it into the correct position on the map. If I import OS mapping into a document containing the aerial photo the aerial photo will move out of position. Whats going on? It used to work. Now it doesn't.
  4. Thats a good idea about the CTB file. There wasn't one with the AutoCAD drawing but there is no reason why they can't create one. Cheers
  5. I'm in exactly the same position. Why they can't set up an unistall option is beyond me. I've just updated to a 27" iMac because Ive been having a few problems. I've stripped off VW my old MacPro and reinstalled it but now need to do the same with a new Mac, but can't.
  6. I have received large number of symbols from a housebuilder in AutoCAD and have imported into VW. Everything in the symbols is by class except the line weights, for which they have used a 6mm line width to colour the wall thickness. Is there anyway, even via a script of making all attributes within the symbols by class even line weight without opening up each symbol and editing it.
  7. I have installed the Plug-ins and everything seems to work except that all dialogue boxes display random character so it is just guess work as to what the numbers you type into the fields actually mean.
  8. Does the Stickpackage mentioned above have the same function as AutoTurn whereby a site layout can be tested for vehicle tracking. I have been looking for an AutoTurn type Plugin for some time and would be interested any information on locating one.
  9. When I create a NURBS Road from a polyline the road itself displays with no fill or line weight/colour even though the object was created with a class colour. Lines show in wireframe render but not in Open GL or Renderworks. Does anyone have any ideas.
  10. I have a a housing layout with about 30 houses and need to render it Artlantis. I can export all buildings but the Site Model does not seem to export. I have also set a 3D on the site model surface which again does not appear in Artlantis. Any ideas what I am missing.
  11. I missed it completely and was trying to use custom selection. There is usually a simple solution. Many thanks
  12. I am trying to select a number of line hundreds of other lines of the same colour, weight etc. the only thing they have in common is length. So I want to select all lines of x length. The custom selection tool doesn't seem to do this. Any ideas would be welcome.
  13. I wish that you the Property Line tool would enable you to display the metric area dimensions as (ha) rather than (hectares). Or at least the option to customise. I use the property line tool to create land budget plans and a figure with 2 decimal places plus hectares will not often fit within the boundary. I don't think this option is available on the new 2012 version either.
  14. Does'nt the Stake Object tool provide this functionality?
  15. Does anyone know if there is a tool that will insert a symbol (circle on bench mark type symbol) and consecutively number them on insertion. I want to use this to mark certain objects on a layout and then to create a worksheet that shows the coordinate of each object in order of insertion. e.g. P001, P002........etc. The Stake Object tool might work except that it doesn't auto number
  16. I have been doing that, or referencing the individual tiles in but it is a bit long winded because what I need to do is select each road with a script SelectObj(('Road_LineRec'.'FEATDESC'='Primary Road')); Then allocate that object to a Class. If I could do this in one drawing if would be far quicker especially if I have 10 different map tiles.
  17. It doesn't seem to work with the Property Line settings.
  18. I dont have Arcview. I would just like to add the information that is imported with one set of shape files to the data file imported with a second set of shape files. The data is for a road categories: Motorway Primary Routes A Roads B Roads Minor roads etc.. I am going to try and export each data file to Text Edit, and copy and paste the data to into one file an then try to re-import it and see what happens.
  19. I agree, I don't want the word hectares in every property line created. When I produce a land budget for a Masterplan which may have more than 20 separate areas I don't want hectares displayed every time. What is wrong with having "Ha or "ha" instead. This must be possible.
  20. When I import Ordnace Survey shape files, each map tile brings in data as a separate record. So I end up with Record Formats eg. Road_LineRec, Road_LineRec-1, Road_LineRec-3 etc. All roads, Motorways through to Private Drives are present to all records. Is there either a way of merging the records so that there is only one comprehensive record covering all map tiles. OR An easy way of producing a script that picks up the FEATCODE for each road category for each of the map tiles bearing in mind I have 30 tiles in this one project.
  21. Its not auto rotating so that when its viewed in 3D ita appears as 2 images crossing at right angles and so doesn't look as it should.
  22. I am having problems with image props in plant symbols The image appears on each of the cross planes when viewed in any 3D view. This happens with any plants in my current template. If I open up a blank default template and the plants/trees view correctly i.e orientate themselves towards the viewer. Does anyone have any ideas. Is there a setting I am missing that is enabled/disabled in my template. Or will I have to back to square one with my drawing template.
  23. I have had no response after submitting the problem as a Bug. Users in some of our other offices are having the same problems with images in VW2011 which previously worked in 2008 on the Mac. When they open the same file on a PC the images are OK. What is going on? It used to be the other way around.
  24. I have just submitted it as a BUG. I'll post any answers I get.
  25. I have the same problem. If I open up a VW2008 drawing in 2011 which has a bitmap image (that displays and prints OK in VW2008) it just greys out in VW2011 and only prints a grey box with a cross in it. Does anyone else have this problem or the solution.
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