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  1. @Wes GardnerThanks for your reply, I was able to edit it while in the wall and it worked!
  2. I have been trying to insert a triangular window into a wall that I have altered the shape of to be a triangle as well (for an a-frame house). I am using vectorworks 2020. I have modelled my 3D symbol and created a symbol so that I can access it again in the resource manager. When I go to insert my window into my wall, to wall turns red and I am assuming I should release to place it in the wall, but it gets placed in, perpendicualr to the wall. I have tried to rotate the window in a top plan view, but the entire wall just rotates as well. I have notied that although it is going in perpendicular, it still cuts out a hole in the wall. Just wondering if there is a possible soulution to this problem, or if there is another was to go about doing this. Thank you.
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